‘The Vampire Diaries’ Top 5 OMFG Moments from ‘True Lies’

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Silas is determined to get his hands on Katherine, but people keep getting in his way, and Damon and Elena may have a bigger problem with Stefan than they imagined.

The dead roommate ruined the happy fever that was rampant last week – if only for about five minutes. It was a nice reprieve, okay? It didn’t take long for Elena and Caroline to jump back on the OMG COLLEGE IS THE BEST THING EVER bandwagon (who knew that even existed?!). The two signed up and were promptly kicked out of microbiology, which upset Elena because she wants to know what Megan’s tie is to her father and why the microbiology professor lied on her autopsy statement. What kind of professor does the autopsies of the college’s students anyway?

Also, I need Caroline to research whether or not she and Elena can get straight A’s for this semester because their roommate died, writers. (If you don’t get that reference, you should be ashamed of yourself. Everyone must take it upon themselves to see every movie of Zack Morris’ epic career.)

1378632_10152353756579968_1176724782_nThe girls ended up at a raginging bonfire, which is kind of a creepy tradition, but that aside, the college kids are drinking from kegs and raging like no other. As if getting kicked out of class wasn’t frustrating enough, Elena is also upset over Jeremy and Damon keeping it from her, she heads off to binge drink. Caroline’s new potential boyfriend, Jessie, tells Elena about how her micro-biology professor is supposedly involved in some secret society. Before we can learn anything else, Damon hits him over the head. RUDE, DAMON. RUDE… which leads me into the beginning of my top five for this week episode’s.

5. Jessie + Caroline = Tru Luv 4Now

I jumped off the Caroline and Tyler train a long time ago. Since Klaus is currently in New Orleans, it’s time to find Caroline a new love. Insert Jessie. He’s tall, has a beautiful jaw line, and a smooth voice. Not to mention that he’s seriously into her.

Caroline takes his invitation to the bonfire and the two bond over their broken hearts. Turns out that Jessie has an ex-girlfriend, who is sleeping with someone else and doesn’t want him anymore. It’s not the same situation as Caroline’s, but it’s enough for them to bond. FORGET ABOUT TYLER, CAROLINE.

1375799_10152353756474968_1332779477_n4. Silas goes to college.

Instead of thinking anything is fishy (because that would require she think), Elena embraces who she thinks is Stefan with a tight squeeze and they go over his whole leaving town because she loves his brother more thing (yaaawwwwwn). Silas tells her everything that’s happened with Jeremy and says he’s trying to help her brother. It doesn’t take much to get all the information he needs from Elena to find out where Jeremy is headed.

Meanwhile, Damon arrives and Caroline informs him of Elena’s freaky feelings of worry over Stefan. Obviously he’s not too happy that she’s kept this from him. Silas makes matters worse when he serves Damon a fresh cup of tea about not understanding what Elena sees in him and how his cockiness is a mask. I laugh so hard, you guys. So hard.

Later, Elena ties Damon down, douses him in vervain, and almost kills him with a hockey stick. Serious question: why does Elena have a hockey stick in a dorm room?! Anyway, Silas made her do this. Damon spit vervain on her and kind of brings her out of the trance, but not enough to keep her from wanting to kill him. How does one break the Silas’ trance? A little self-mutilation. Now Elena is ready to hear about Stefan’s whereabouts.

3. A former vampire, a former vampire hunter, and a human go on a road trip.

The highlight of the episode was Matt and Jeremy tracking down Katherine, tying her up, and hitting the road. It’s so hilarious to see Katherine adjusting to human life. She’s sick, in need of a hairbrush, some Nyquil, and hot tea – oh, and she also needs to use the bathroom.

What I love most about Katherine is she’s so unapologetic and so self-aware. She knows damn well that people are going to be chasing her (“I’m the freaking moonstone!”) and that people will sell her out in a heartbeat if it means saving themselves. So, I’m sorry, Jeremy, but I don’t blame her for leaving you for dead. I’m also sorry, Matt, for kind of agreeing with her when she regretted killing her. You guys are treating her like an item, not a human being, which is who she is now. Get it together, boys.

Thankfully, Jeremy seemed to come around while they were camping in the woods. He took care of Katherine and in return she saved his life. Anyone else a fan of these three hanging out together for the rest of all time?

Anyway, so remember last week (and I think I failed to mention this in my recap actually), Matt’s threesome friend came to Mystic Falls, squeezed his head really hard, and apparently slipped inside it. This is unfortunate for Silas, who can’t get in Matt’s head. Silas is unhappy and lashes out, sending Matt to the other side until his ring kicks in (pretty cool to know where they go when they’re hanging in limbo!). Bonnie was waiting for him… and that’s the story of how Matt learned Bonnie is dead. Too bad he won’t remember this when he comes back from the other side.

Meanwhile, Jeremy waits for Matt to come back alive and Silas figures out he’s wearing the ring. Jeremy is all, “Back up, bro. Ain’t nobody got time for your mind control, especially when I hit the gym like a boss errryday.” This works until Silas stabs him, which took all of 8-10 seconds in case you were wondering.

Snotty, green coughing, bird’s nest hair Katherine saves Jeremy’s life.

2. The travelers are not friends of Silas.

When Silas killed Matt, he also took away the friend’s inside Matt’s mind. Naturally these people, who Silas referred to as travelers, tracked Silas down and told him they were going to kill him. They ruined Silas having a feeding frenzy on a gas station attendant (by the way, all I could think about is how freaky these security camera feeds for this place are). When one stepped forward to stab him, the other (Matt’s mind friend) killed him and told Silas she had other plans.

So, what do the gypsies want with Silas? Why is this girl jumping ship? And was the gas station attendant smart enough to escape while Silas was distracted?

1391691_10152353756569968_767916979_n1. Stefan is not in the safe.

With only one week of college over, Elena is packing bags and going home to find Stefan. You couldn’t even make it a week, Elena? I am so disappointed (but on some level not the slightest bit surprised). Sort of Creepy Professor passes by and lets her know he’s all into her dad and stuff. This is the mystery I’d be jumping on (I originally typed humping, which I assume is a serious Freudian slip – I mean, did you see this professor?! Yum!), but Elena is all about her Salvatore boys.

Sheriff Forbes drained the quarry, got the safe out, and inside they found a bloody body. Stefan is nowhere to be found. This obviously means that Stefan ripper (yay, my favorite Stefan!) has been revived and is ripping heads off bodies as I type. The real question is how he managed to escape.

Let’s talk about this. So, Silas has already been ousted as being Stefan’s doppleganger. Locking him away doesn’t really serve a purpose anymore. More than anything Silas wants Katherine, but she has all these people coming to her defense. How do you get everyone to stop focusing on Katherine? You steer their focus toward Ripper Stefan. They’re going to be very distracted trying to keep people alive and out of Stefan’s path, which makes Katherine more vulnerable. I love Jeremy and Matt, but let’s be honest, they aren’t the sharpest tools in the shed. She’s better left to her own devices – as she’s proven the past two weeks.

What did you think about tonight’s episode? Who are these gypsy people? What do they want? What’s your theory about Stefan? Share your thoughts in the comments below and find me on Twitter to discuss more. I’ll see you here next week!

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