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‘The Fosters’ Receives Early Pickup for Season 2

Photo Credit: ABC Family

ABC Family has announced an early renewal of its hit summer show The Fosters

The Fosters became a breakout summer hit for the ABC Family show, garnering fantastic ratings and critical acclaim. It came as no surprise when the network ordered the additional episodes to complete the first season, which returns in January 2014. The show follows the Foster family, helmed by a lesbian couple, who have one biological child and adopted twins. They also fostered two additional children, which they were planning on adopting as well. That storyline was one of the major cliffhangers when the show departed this summer.

Viewers instantly fell in love with the “unconvential” family and the realistic portrayal of family life. It was never preachy or heavy-handed, but showed the complexities and realities of being an openly gay couple with children in a world and society that is not always accepting.

Today ABC Family announced they were renewing the show for a second season. It’s an early pickup announcement given that the first season is only halfway through. Fans of the show, like myself, can rest easy knowing we’ll have this family to follow for even longer.

The Fosters returns to ABC Family in January.

Our Take: This is some of the best TV news I’ve heard all month. The Fosters was one of my favorite shows over the summer and remains, in my opinion, one of the single most important shows on television. The world needs this show. And I’m so grateful ABC Family took a chance on this show and recognizes its significance. 

Amber Cunigan
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