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General Hospital Preview: October 28 Edition

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This week on General Hospital, the residents of Port Charles have a few tricks and treats up their sleeves as Halloween approaches. Robin rebels against her situation at Wyndemere, even as Nikolas tries to convince her otherwise. Meanwhile, Lulu is prepared to do whatever it takes to keep Connie. Get a sneak peek of what happens in Port Charles in our General Hospital preview for the week of October 28, 2013.

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General Hospital Preview: Now You’re Just a Ghost

  • Patrick and Maxie fill one another in on the recent developments in their lives. How will Maxie react when she learns of Patrick’s engagement to Sabrina?
  • During a visit from Alexis and Danny, Derek learns Sam is looking into Julian Jerome. Sam and Silas’s search for information on Ava and her ties to Sam’s father lead them to a bar named Ryan’s in New York. Who is Delia (guest star Ilene Kristen) and what does she know about Ava and the Jeromes?
  • Escalation is the name of the game between Sonny and Derek.
  • Ava and Morgan put aside their differences by getting horizontal and making up. Later, Carly has a confrontation with Ava over her relationship with Morgan.
  • As Dante and Lulu await word on the fate of Baby Connie, Lulu can’t help but fear the worst. Will her fear lead to a decision she can’t take back?
  • Close moments are shared, but miscalculations and deceit clouds the authenticity of one particular moment.
  • Duke grills Patrick for answers regarding the whereabouts of Anna.
  • As Port Charles gets ready to celebrate Halloween, GH staff prepares for a huge party at the hospital. Who’s on the guest list? Meanwhile, Wyndemere is the scene for a few surprises and an act of rebellion. After visiting Patrick’s house with her boys, Elizabeth shows up to Wyndemere. Liz is unaware that her arrival and discussion with Nikolas gives Robin an idea that could bring about an early reunion with her family. Costumes disguise the outside – but can they hide the inner emotions?

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Source Look Ahead: November 4, 2013 Edition
Luke and Tracy have an important discussion about their future. Secrets, deception, a major outburst set the stage for a shocking admission. A surprising revelation leads to fear and uncertainty among some of the citizens of Port Charles.

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  1. Happy see Elizabeth Webber give her major storyline of her own really.

  2. So happy to have Elizabeth Webber back on my tv……..and just as important I can’t wait for NIZ to interact. Missing this couple on GH! Definitely this is my favorite spoiler….

  3. Eeeeeeeeeeeee….FINALLY, we’re getting some more Liz scenes AND some Niz. #WINNING

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