‘Nashville’ Photo Preview: ‘You’re No Angel Yourself’

Photo Credit: ABC

In next week’s brand new episode of Nashville, an engagement threatens to break Rayna’s family even further. 

It’s a very tough week to be Rayna James in next week’s episode, entitled ‘You’re No Angel Yourself.’ She ends her tour with Juliette. Then Maddie is sent reeling when she learns her father has proposed to Peggy. Meanwhile, Tandy uncovers further information about their mother’s death, but is interrupted before she can share the news with Rayna.

Check out the official synopsis below and then click through the gallery for stills from the episode. After you’re finished, hit the comments to share your thoughts on the upcoming episode.

“You’re No Angel Yourself” – Rayna leaves Juliette in a lurch when she decides she needs to cancel the remainder of the tour. Teddy proposes to Peggy and asks her to be discreet around the girls, but when Maddie sees her grandmother’s ring hanging from Peggy’s neck, the charade is up. She is confused and hurt and finds herself turning to an unlikely friend. Tandy uncovers more troubling information about Rayna and her mother’s death, but her attempt to share the discovery with Rayna is hijacked by Maddie’s reaction to Teddy and Peggy’s engagement. Deacon discovers that he has more in common with Megan than just his case. 

‘You’re No Angel Yourself’ airs Wednesday, October 16 at 10 PM ET/PT on ABC.