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‘Revenge’ 3×02 ‘Sin’ Video Previews: A priest visits Victoria, Patrick meets the family and more

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Tensions in the Hamptons were higher than ever when Revenge kicked off its third season last week.

Emily and Nolan stepped up their game to bring down the Grayson family; Victoria lashed out at Charlotte after the teenager drove Patrick out of town and Aiden showed up on Victoria’s balcony to offer his services in destroying the girl next door.

Oh and there was that whole thing where someone is going to shoot Emily on her wedding day. Any guesses on who pulled the trigger?

As we impatiently wait for the next episode, appropriately called, “Sin,” ABC was kind enough to release a few teaser videos and clips to get viewers even more excited to see what’s next for our favorite socialites and Revengers.

First, we meet Father Paul (James LeGros), who arrives at Grayson manor to see Victoria. Judging by this clip, whatever happened between the priest and Victoria and Conrad in the past was not pretty.

Next, Victoria has gathered the Grayson family for dinner at the manor. Needless to say, no one is particularly happy to be there and things get even worse when Victoria brings out her surprise guest: Patrick.

After her family refuses to welcome Patrick with open arms, Victoria lets them have it for treating her eldest son badly. No one looks particularly sorry, but when Conrad loses control, Charlotte has another warning for her brother.

Finally, we have what looks like more of a season three overview than just a one episode preview. Has Aiden really turned against Emily (we don’t think so)? Will Margaux be able to seduce Daniel? And is Charlotte really doing what it looks like she’s doing?!

Revenge airs Sunday, Oct. 6 at 9/8c on ABC.

Mandy Treccia
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