‘Revenge’ Preview: Can Aiden help Emily after her takedown fails?

ABC/Vivian ZInk

Things have not been going Emily’s way the last two weeks on Revenge. First, she realized that Father Paul was not red sharpie material after all and then just when she thought the end was in sight, Conrad and the priest end up in a car accident that may have claimed Paul’s life.

Next week’s episode, “Mercy,” finds Emily attempting to salvage her plans and turning to an unexpected person for help. But Ms. Thorne has other issues to deal with as well. Daniel has been growing increasingly suspicious and that’s not going to stop now that Aiden has made his presence known in the Hamptons.

As Emily scrambles to take down Conrad, Victoria makes a move to ensure her future independence. Is it time to divorce Conrad again? We’re not sure what else she might have in mind. Elsewhere, Aiden turns up at Jack’s place and the bar owner does not seem pleased to find him there.

Check out the video preview and the photo gallery below and then hit the comments and tell us what you’re looking forward to seeing in the episode.

Revenge airs Sunday, Oct. 20 at 8/7c on ABC.