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‘Revenge’ Preview: What’s keeping Daniel’s attention away from Emily?

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Emily managed to convince Daniel that she still wanted to marry him on the last episode of Revenge. But it might be too soon for her to breathe a sigh of relief as more complications arise in her path.

Dissolution” adds new roadblocks when Daniel’s attention is focused elsewhere. The two do manage to pick a destination for their honeymoon, something Emily shares with Victoria during a family event. Victoria doesn’t seem thrilled and neither does Charlotte.

Of course Victoria has other things on her mind. The family is in danger of losing Grayson manor and last week, Victoria found out that Patrick was the one who tried to kill Conrad. Judging by the brief peek in the preview, it doesn’t look like Victoria is celebrating her first born at the moment.

But the real question is what’s going on with Nolan and Emily? In the preview, he tells her that he’s done and we see Emily rushing to search for him while Nolan lies in the bathtub (don’t panic! He’s wearing headphones). What (or who) has come between the partners in crime?

Revenge airs Sunday, Nov. 3 at 9/8c on ABC.

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  • I think Victoria told Daniel that Charlotte tried to kill Conrad. So that’s where Daniels attention is focused. But Victoria did it to separate Emily and Daniel.