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‘Revenge’ Review: 5 Revelations from ‘Sin’

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Has there ever been a more appropriate title for an episode of Revenge than “Sin”?

This week’s installment of one of our favorite guilty pleasure shows gave Emily a new target, but it also did something we’ve never seen before: it made her question whether getting vengeance really is all that matters.

While the episode wasn’t quite as delicious as last week’s season premiere, there was still plenty of soapy goodness, backstabbing, sneers and eye rolls to keep us highly entertained. Check out our favorite moments and then hit the comments and tell us what you thought of the episode.

#5 Charlotte turns on Emily – and Conrad

Maybe Charlotte has learned a few things from her big sister after all, even if she doesn’t know they’re related. Charlotte put two and two together and figured out that Emily used the information about the alleged affair Victoria was having against her and Charlotte no longer trusts Emily. Just when we thought that Charlotte’s super bitchy attitude was going to get old fast, Jack clued the teenager in on the truth about Declan’s death and the role Conrad played in it. Charlotte immediately told her father that she was done with him and he deserved to die alone. This was an unexpected, but welcome surprise. Well played, show.

#4 Margaux makes a play for Daniel

This was the opposite of unexpected; the writing has been on the wall since she appeared onscreen. But props to the show for making us question whether or not Daniel actually took the offer when she dropped her dress. It turns out that he did not; however, he still plans to work for Margaux so we expect this situation to come up again and we’re guessing it might end differently next time. Unfortunately for Emily, who wanted Daniel to stay in the city, Daniel convinced Margaux that the Hamptons would be the best place for the magazine offices.

#3 Nolan and Emily have a fight

We do not like to see our favorite Revengers being cross with one another and we rarely side against Emily, but Nolan had a point on this one. Paul used to be a Grayson Global employee, but he has turned to God and become a man of the cloth. Emily refused to believe that he’d changed for the better, or if it would matter if he had, but Nolan was concerned about his BFF’s eternal soul and pulled out the big guns – her father’s journals – to remind her that David wanted her to forgive.

Em was not in the mood to listen and decided she’d go back to working alone. But spending some time chatting with the priest, and hearing how he felt about Conrad, made Emily reconsider. Unfortunately, it was too late. She’d already slipped some scandalous pictures into the church’s collection plate and Father Paul was forced to leave the church. Don’t be so sure that this was the last of this story; not only did Em go back to Nolan and tell him that he was right; she decided that Father Paul might be the one person who could get Conrad to confess his sons.

#2 Aiden is on Team Victoria

It seems Mr. Mathis has truly had enough of Emily and her mind games and he wants a little payback of his own or at least that’s what he wants Victoria to think (sorry, but we are not buying that he’s completely turned his back on Ems). But he is certainly working hard to gain Victoria’s trust; even going so far as to break into Emily’s house and steal the deed to Nolan’s house to prove to Victoria that Emily and Nolan are the ones behind all of the bad things that have happened to the Grayson family. We definitely want to watch this twisted game of cat and mouse play out.

#1 Patrick meets the family…and it’s not pretty

After Conrad and Victoria have an argument about money, Emily comes over and not-so-subtly prods Victoria into bringing Patrick back to town. Victoria stages a run in with her son at an art gallery (does she not have his cell phone number?) and admits that the family is having money troubles. She also tells Patrick that she’s not going to give up seeing him every day (we can’t blame her for that, but probably for different reasons). Victoria gathers everyone at the manor and introduces Patrick.

Needless to say, it doesn’t go well. Daniel and Conrad take turns making snide remarks about Patrick; mocking his freelance artist job, questioning whether or not he’s truly Victoria’s son or just someone looking for money they don’t have and then Conrad snidely asks if they can borrow some of the $5 million he was paid to go away. Patrick explains that Frank only showed up and threatened him and then Conrad drops the fact that Victoria was behind it in Patrick’s lap.

He forgives his mother pretty quickly (too quickly) and then Emily spikes Conrad’s drink and he collapses again, ending dinner. The next day Em pays a visit to Patrick’s hotel, offering a friendly ear, but he’s not interested because he knows all about her history with his mother. Emily doesn’t look thrilled when he closes the door in her face. Again, we have a feeling this isn’t the end of this. We’re also willing to bet that Patrick is hiding something because everyone on this show has a secret and he can’t possibly be that forgiving this fast after being abandoned.

What do you guys think? Did Emily make the right call with the priest? Has Aiden really turned to the dark side? What is Patrick hiding? More importantly, are you as relieved as we are the Nemily made up?

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