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‘Hart of Dixie’ Season 3 Premiere Review: Zoe’s back; George is gone and Lemon’s losing it

Greg Gayne/The CW

Hart of Dixie is back and we could not be more excited about returning to our favorite fictional Alabama town. “Who Says You Can’t Go Home” picks up five months after the season two finale and Zoe is still in New York City, but she’s definitely got Bluebell on the brain; she’s imaging the town residents are in the hospital she’s working at so we can’t fault her too much when she assumes Rose is a hallucination too.

It turns out the teenager really is there and she’s got a bone to pick with Zoe. It seems that the good doctor decided to email all her friends in Bluebell to let them know that she’d opted to stay in New York and make a life with her new boyfriend Joel (more on him later). So Rose is understandably furious that Zoe made her feel like their friendship was meaningless all along. Joel encourages Zoe to head back down south to make things right and to convince Brick to give her a recommendation so she and Joel can secure an apartment.

 Robert Voets/The CW

Robert Voets/The CW

Naturally, the first person Zoe runs into when she returns is Wade and hello, shipper feels! Just when I thought I’d made peace with the idea of them being apart for the time being, the actors had to make me feel that damn chemistry that all it takes is one look and I’m mentally chanting for them to make out. Although, I give props to Wade for his cool demeanor, considering he told Zoe that he loved her and then she abandoned the whole town. But despite Zoe’s insistence that she was only back for one day, Wade was confident she wouldn’t be leaving again.

Lavon and AnnaBeth were the only people happy to see Zoe; everyone else was furious with her for not only deserting them, but driving George away. Since he’d left, a lawyer in the neighboring town had made it his mission to sue nearly everyone in Bluebell for one thing or another and now the Founder’s Day Parade was in jeopardy because of a newly passed noise ordinance. Brick told Zoe that she needed to find George and make him come back.

That challenge was even easier than Zoe expected it to be when her motel room ended up being right next door to George. But he was in bad shape; still reeling from losing Tansy (we can’t blame him for that). Since Zoe couldn’t get through to him, Lemon marched in and took over, putting George through a training montage, cleaning him up, handing him a briefcase and sending him off to court. Naturally, he won the case, the parade was back on and Zoe was in the clear (even if it was Lemon who got George on track).

Greg Gayne/The CW

Greg Gayne/The CW

Speaking of Lemon, how awesome was she in this episode? She was running around handling things in a typical Lemon-efficient manner, but she was also being a little mysterious. Everyone was assuming that she was sleeping with someone and she admitted to AnnaBeth that she was, but it was shameful and she couldn’t tell anyone. Needless to say when it was revealed to be Meatball – yes, Meatball – we suddenly understood what Lemon was so ashamed of and why she wanted to stop (Lemon, please stop).

Zoe was all set to go back to New York, but Earl showed up and needed medical attention (insert my usual ‘when can we get Justin Hartley back as Jesse’ mantra here). At first, Zoe assumed Wade had put him up to it, but Earl had blood poisoning and needed monitoring; something he wanted his son and future daughter-in-law to spend the night doing (Earl just might be captaining this ship, people). Zoe and Wade had a nice conversation about how they each hoped the other was happy, but the whole time, there was an aura of sadness around them. This is so not over.

Joel showed up to see what was taking Zoe so long or something. Sorry, not feeling this guy at all (and I’m usually onboard for cute, nerdy guys, but this one is dull with a capital DULL) and it’s hard to see why Zoe is attracted to him, other than he represents a safe choice. But Lemon was not here for Joel either and she decided to help Wade win the breakup by telling Zoe that Wade has moved on and not just with some bimbo: Lemon tells Zoe that she and Wade are in love (YES).

Wade isn’t really onboard for the plan, but he does appreciate Lemon trying to help (and how sweet is their friendship? I love that he confided in her about Zoe’s email and she told him about Meatball. Could this be a friendship turns to love story? Maybe…either way, I am here for all of their scenes). And Zoe was definitely unsettled by it; something that Wade picked up on and then kissed Lemon (squee!) in front of her to drive the point home. It is so on.

Let’s see; what did we miss? Brick and Shelby were going to elope, but he broke up with her instead (waiting to get the full story once Laura Bell Bundy returns) and Magnolia has been shipped off to boarding school (aka Claudia Lee’s very funny pilot was picked up by FOX). Tansy has also moved on from George – she’s dating the rival lawyer who is making things miserable for Bluebell and she seemed to enjoy letting George know it. We’re just happy to have Mircea Monroe back.

Greg Gayne/The CW

Greg Gayne/The CW

Then, there’s Lavon’s cousin Lynly, who has moved into Zoe’s carriage house and has been making AnnaBeth’s life miserable with her spoiled brat demands. She’s just had her heart broken and now she’s about to have a one night stand with George, who has no idea that she’s related to Lavon. Mr. Hayes is not going to react well when he finds out.

All in all, this was a great episode and I am so happy to be back in Bluebell with all of these kooky characters. I like that the triangles have been put to bed (even if it’s just temporary). So far, I’m not feeling the new characters, but hopefully that will change or maybe they won’t stick around too long (better option).

Hit the comments and share your thoughts on the episode!

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  1. I’ve really enjoyed this episode! I really am team zade but Zoe really seems to like this Joel (in a more friendly no atraction way), and Bilson had some of the best acting episodes with Joel and as a New yorker in New York she had a diferente aura, not so enchanting as hers in bluebell may I say, but very very genuine. I wish the episodes were longer or twice a week, because inside each episode story there are so many more things I would love to have seen developed like Anabeth troubles with Lavon’s niece. But in general, this was a GREAT GREAT come back for Hart of Dixie!

  2. I didn’t mind Joel at all, actually. I thought he seemed sweet and caring and dependable, which may be his main fault. Dependable can easily turn into dull, but I didn’t see that happen in the new episode.

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