Supercouple Showdown: ‘The Vampire Diaries’ and ‘The Originals’ Edition: Round 4 Results

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The results from Round 4 of TV Source Magazine’s Supercouple Showdown: The Vampire Diaries and The Originals Edition are in! Which two couples made it to the final round?


Caroline and Klaus vs. Damon and Elena



Elena and Damon vs. Klaus and Caroline

Did you really think we’d tell you who was ahead? Where’s the fun in that?

While we can’t say that we’re particularly shocked since these two shipper fandoms have been the most vocal throughout, we were surprised by some of the other results.

Leaving out the numbers and positions for our top two contenders, here is what the top 8 looked like after four rounds:



3. Hayley and Klaus (34%)*

4. Katherine and Stefan (29%)*

5. Elena and Stefan (12%)*

6. Caroline and Tyler (11%)*

7. Caroline and Matt (.09%)*

8. Katherine and Damon (.03%)*

It just goes to show that just because certain fan bases are not the most vocal; it doesn’t mean they’re not invested.

*percentages are calculated from all the votes cast for each couple without factoring our top two into the mix.

On Sunday, Oct. 6, we will post the official ballot for the final round.

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  3. Klaroline, always!! Best ship of my life!


  5. amen to this!!! I dont care in wich show (TVD or TO) but KLAROLINE must happen!! BTW, looks like the shows really need KC!!

  6. KLAROLINE!! and they dont even are a couple YET!!! Klaroline, always and forever!!

  7. Klaroline!!!!!!!!

  8. Delena <3

  9. how klayley got 34% idgi, but since i despise klaus and i love delena my vote is pretty much obvious

  10. Preach!!!!

  11. Klaroline has had one kiss (not even a real one), they haven’t even had a hug. They have had very few scenes and the actors are on two different shows now but they have been going toe to toe with the main couple on the show (whose had numerous scenes). If that doesn’t tell you that people want to see the chemistry between these two explored, I don’t know what will.

  12. lol here we go again Delena vs Klaorline..you can’t do this to me like they are both Perfect *__* but ti have to go with Kl.Dle… ;) oh i can’t chooes..!

  13. I love Delena, but Klaroline is only my religion <3

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