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The Voice Review: Blind Auditions #4 – Adam Repeats As the Night’s Big Winner

THE VOICE -- "Blind Auditions" Episode 504 -- Pictured: (l-r) James Irwin, Adam Levine, CeeLo Green, Christina Aguilera, Blake Shelton -- (Photo by: Trae Patton/NBC)

Last night’s episode of The Voice was much stronger than Monday’s show.  This time around the performances were a bit more top notch and the coaches made it a four chair turn night for two amazing performances.  If you haven’t watched the show, then I suggest you hold off on reading this review until you have, just so you’re not spoiled. If you still want to know how the show went down, then take your chances.
Let me start off with the three performances that I liked the most from tonight.  Right out of the gate, was Will Champlin, the son of legendary organist for the band Chicago, who showed that he is just as talented as his father.  From the first note of Gavin DeGraw’s “Not Over You”, he sent chills, and his voice not only won over the crowd but won three coaches over. I couldn’t even imagine Will going with anyone other than Adam; only for the sheer fact that Adam has the capability to challenge his artist with any genre of music.  I loved that Will didn’t waver or made the song an exact carbon copy of DeGraw.  This is what makes an artist stand out; making the song their own and having the charisma to hold the audience.

The second artist that I thoroughly enjoyed was Renard Edwards aka R. Anthony, who, at thirty-three resides in Tampa, Florida. The former gospel singer went to the stage to sing The Scripts “Hall of Fame” and I loved it.  He may have had a little waver from time to time, but out of all of the auditions, I felt he deserved more than just two coaches turning their chairs.  Christina would have been the sole person to have R. Anthony on his team if it had not been for Cee Lo’s last minute turn at the last note.  Based on his style of vocals, he definitely was a better fit for Cee Lo, so it was good on his part that he went with that team.

Not to go right into the final artist that made a huge impact, let’s talk now on the night of second chances.  That is what exactly took place when James Irwin, from Saint Louis, Missouri, returned for the chance to win over the coaches.  Last season, he wasn’t able to win over the coaches, but with the encouragement from newcomer coach, Shakira, James was determined to try again.  This time around, he managed to win all four coaches over, getting the first four chair turn of the evening.  Singing REM’s “Losing My Religion”, he had more of a soulful fill to the song; taking the song away from the original version.   Even though James had some bobbles, I agree with the coaches that those things can be worked on , and those things will be worked on when he gets face to face with the coach he chose; Adam Levine.

Christina locked in her first country artist of the night, Olivia Henken, the twenty-three year old from Louisville, Kentucky.  I was impressed with her take on Carrie Underwood’s “Two Black Cadillacs”.  I always get nervous when young female country singing hopefuls attempt an Underwood song, but she kept and held my attention.  I was surprised that Blake didn’t instantly hit his buzzer, but it may have been a good thing; this could be a challenge for Christina to work with her first country singer now that she’s back with the show.

There was one thing that stuck out to me a lot with tonight’s show, and that was Cee Lo Green hitting his button at the very last minute of an artist’s performance.  I know he wants to have strong talent on his team; all of the coaches do, but I felt he was hitting his button as a way to keep Christina (since he did it a few times when she was the only one out of the rest pushing her button) from getting an artist to fill a spot on her team.

Now for the final artist that stood out to me on the show.  Ashley DuBose, the twenty-three year old from St. Paul, Minnesota.  Just as last night with Preston Pohl, Ashley commanded the stage when she hit the first note of the Rihanna song “Diamonds”.  Each note she sang was clear and crisp and she didn’t make the song a copy-cat of how Rihanna sings it.  Christina was on point when saying that her timing and tone was perfect, and she did do the song great justice.  All four coaches turned their chairs, but only one coach would be closing out the night by getting Ashley to pick one of them.  Last night, Adam closed the show out when Preston Pohl chose him as his coach.  I was sitting on the edge of the seat wondering if Adam could once again close the night out with Ashley. Sure enough, Adam had the magic touch to win Ashley over.  What a way to close out the night.

Next Monday and Tuesday should be the wrap up of blind auditions, since a few of the coaches only have three or two spots to fill, and from the looks of the previews, it looks like crunch time has begun for those who are vying for strong talent.  Will there be another two nights of the four chair turn-around?  You’ll have to stay tuned by watching the show Monday and Tuesday nights at 8/7C.

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