‘Once Upon a Time’ Preview: Will Hook’s past provide an answer to David’s dilemma?

ABC/Jack Rowand

Last week, Once Upon a Time gave viewers more insight into Rumple and Neal’s past and how the rift between them got to be so terrible. This week, the show will take viewers aboard the Jolly Roger and peel back more layers from everyone’s favorite pirate.

In “Good Form,” Hook offers to help David, who is rapidly succumbing to the poison in his body, by taking him on a journey to find a sextant that could help decipher a map that will show them how to get off the island (got all that?). Judging by the episode stills, it looks like David will share emotional moments with his wife and daughter. Has he finally clued them in on his illness?

As for the flashbacks, the episode will bring viewers back to Fairy Tale Land where Killian Jones and his brother, Captain Liam, have set sail under orders of the king to find a powerful plant on an uncharted land that could help heal injury (hmm…Neverland?). What else will we learn about the pirate’s past from his first encounter with Peter Pan?

Meanwhile, if that’s not enough to get fans excited for the episode, a certain fan favorite pairing will be locking lips for the first time.

Check out the video and pictures below and then hit the comments and tell us if you’re looking forward to the episode…or how many times you’ve already watched the kiss. We won’t judge because we’re right there with you.

Once Upon a Time airs Sunday, Oct. 27 at 8/7c on ABC.