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‘Hart of Dixie’ Preview: Can Lemon’s Grandmother help save her reputation?

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Before we talk about what’s coming up on the next episode of Hart of Dixie, let’s quickly recap what happened last week since a basketball game on our local CW station prevented us from being able to review it.

In “Take This Job and Shove It,” Lemon attempted to stage a Belle rebellion with AnnaBeth by her side, but Cricket and Company caught onto her plan and Lemon was forced to do menial labor as punishment. But it didn’t take long for Lemon to realize that she was better than this and she promptly resigned from the organization and so did AnnaBeth (they’re so cute).

George and Lynly had an unfortunate incident with his hand getting caught in the zipper of her dress, which Zoe had to fix, even though she’d been barred from practicing medicine in Bluebell. Josh attempted to help, but ended up making a bigger mess. Luckily, Wade was there to punch him in the stomach so he could distract Brick. George gave Zoe some good advice and she worked things out with Brick to get her spot back at the practice; except she’ll be working for Brick as an employee instead of a partner.

Now let’s talk about “Help Me Make it Through the Night.” After everything that went down with the Belles, Lemon finds herself blacklisted from the Junior League Masquerade Ball. Her grandmother Bettie (Maree Cheatham) comes to town and helps her find an eligible bachelor (Robert Buckley) to be her date.

Elsewhere in Bluebell, as Lavon plans a surprise for AnnaBeth on their anniversary, she turns to Zoe for help with a health scare. At the party, George has to run damage control with the town judges and Wade gets himself in trouble with ineligible ladies.

Check out the photo and video previews below and then hit the comments and let us know if you’re excited for the episode.

Hart of Dixie airs Monday, Oct. 28 at 8/7c on The CW.

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