‘DAYS’ Sex Tape Reveal, ‘GH’s’ Art Show Top our ‘Best Soap Moments’ for the week November 4

The calm before the storm. By week's end, Kristen will be exposed! Photo Credit: NBC

What were the best soap moments for the week of November 4, 2013? Last week’s honors go to Days of our Lives and General Hospital. Who knew the reveal of a sex tape in Salem and an art show in Port Charles could kick off so much drama?

Best Moment of the Week: Days of Our Lives

“I just want to say that I know most of this town, probably this church, has had their doubts about Kristen and me but I’m sure once you see this you will come to know the woman that I have come to know and love.” – Brady Black

Some sex tapes come out at the worst times. Hell, is there ever a good time for a sex tape to come out? Everything that happened this week on Days of Our Lives lead up to the moment when Marlena clumsily she played the video of Kristen and Eric’s drug-induced sex night together in a church full of people during a wedding.

This reveal not only broke up the happy couple to be but possibly a few other relationships as well – Ej/Sami, Victor/Maggie, and Marlena/Eric.  While Eric reeled from the bombshell that Kristen was the one who drugged and raped him, Nicole told Daniel that she didn’t know if she could forgive Eric for accusing her.  Looks like Eric and Nicole now have another obstacle they will have to overcome.

Best Moment of the Week: General Hospital

Robin had been running around General Hospital with her identity hidden behind a mask and Patrick was oh so close to seeing his wife.  Of course the Scrubs reunion isn’t going to be that easy. Nikolas showed up to make up a story about Robin being his new nanny Ruta and hurried her out there.  Before getting on the elevator Robin stood right in front of her husband, daughter, and the charming woman who had replaced her without being able to say a word.  There couldn’t have been a dry eye amongst viewers when Robin hugged Emma before leaving.

On soaps the only thing more unstable than marriage is one’s paternity. Franco’s paternity has already changed more times than his hair color. While longtime soap viewers with “soap perception” may have picked up on the hints that Heather might have been Franco’s mother, it was the reveal that Scotty was his father that was shocking!

Nowadays, it’s unusual for soaps to keep big story twists under wraps, so kudos to the General Hospital team for saving it for the show. Although Heather’s deliciously campy reveal at the art show was fun to watch, one has to wonder what this means now for the characters involved.  Just as fans were getting used to the idea of Franco as a Quartermaine, the rug was pulled from under them.

It may take some getting used to the idea of Scotty being Franco’s daddy but this could also be a good chance to see the character of Franco continue to develop into a new man.

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