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‘Day of Days’ Interview: Deidre Hall and Drake Hogestyn Preview John & Marlena’s Reunion

DAYS OF OUR LIVES -- Season: 45 -- Pictured: (l-r) Drake Hogestyn as John, Deidre Hall as Marlena -- Photo by: Mitchell Haaseth/NBC

Days of our Lives fan favorites and longtime stars Deidre Hall (Marlena) and Drake Hogestyn (John) spoke with TVSource Magazine during the “Day of Days” fan event at Universal Studios on Saturday, November 9. The actors discuss reuniting after Hogestyn’s extended production hiatus, John and Marlena’s reunion and more.

It’s been a tough couple of months for John and Marlena. Their marriage collapsed due to their mutual obsession with destroying Kristen, and the lengths both went to accomplish said task. John would leave town, leaving the status of his marriage and future with Marlena in question. While written off the show due to storyline reasons, Drake maintained an active presence on Twitter, encouraging his fans to keep writing in support.

“I can only look at it as an outsider looking in on the canvas,” said the actor about the show during his hiatus. “It has evolved. No John and Marlena, no Bo and Hope, no Patch and Kayla, no Jack and Jen, no Shane and Kim; that’s what I grew up [on the show] with. Back then it was the super couple stuff. They don’t have that anymore; they are missing an element there. It is nice to fill that gap.”

While Hall missed working with her Drake Hogestyn, she relished at the opportunity to work with other actors on the show. “It is good we are all part of the same family but I had not done much work with John [Aniston]. [I] did not know how funny he was, he is flawless,” said the actress laughing.”

Photo Credit: Angela M. Romack/SoSource Media
Photo Credit: Angela M. Romack/SoSource Media

Though Marlena has been flying solo for most of 2013, that’ll change when the love of her life returns to Salem early next year! That’s right. John Black is coming back to reclaim his Doc! “My first day back was with Dee,” the actor told us. So what is it that brings John back to town? “I don’t see [Marlena] until my third [episode] back; I see Brady first and let him know I am here, even though he wants to murder me. I see Hope second because I have something for her.”

Drake was a little nervous on his first day back on set, but thankfully Deidre served as the calming presence he needed. “They worked us first when I came back because even though it’s only been awhile, there’s always trepidation coming back. As soon as we walk onto the set, all time is dissolved and we are right back into it. That is the best way to reenter the show.”

The sins of the past won’t be forgiven and forgotten so easily when John and Marlena come face to face. “She says ‘Don’t call me Doc!’ during their reunion,” chuckled the actress.

Hall promises Marlena’s interaction with other characters will continue even though John has returned. “Lauren [Koslow] and I did a scene yesterday because something happened where I seem to be more in favor with Will [Guy Wilson] and Sonny [Freddie Smith], and it was hilarious.”

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