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General Hospital Preview: December 2 Edition

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Next week on General Hospital, Robin makes a bold move that will make her the subject of every conversation in Port Charles; Luke must act to save his sister Bobbie from the clutches of the villainous Jerry Jacks! Get a sneak peek at what happens in Port Charles in our General Hospital preview for the week of December 2, 2013.

It’s a week that you can’t miss! Family, friendships and interpersonal relationships will be at the center of major drama this December on General Hospital. Just when you think you know what’s going to happen, a new twist and turn will be revealed that’ll take you by surprise.

[notice]The goal of our previews is to entice you, the fans, into watching the show, not give you the story ahead of time. Our “Link Only” policy remains in effect.[/notice]

General Hospital Preview: Arisen from the Ashes

  • With the wedding underway, Robin must make a decision to reclaim her life. Whatever she decides, her family — Patrick, Emma, Mac, Felicia, Maxie — will forever be affected. A stunning moment ensues when Robin finally comes face to face with Patrick. If you think you know how this is going to play out, you’re in for quite the surprise. This is just the beginning of the next arc involving Patrick, Robin and Sabrina.
  • Will Anna tell Duke about Derek Wells’ true identity?
  • A conversation with Scott rocks Franco.
  • Carly and Bobbie find themselves in the middle of a dangerous standoff at the MetroCourt between Luke and Jerry.
  • Ava relays to Julian her concerns over the threat Duke poses to their operation. Silas and Sam cross paths with Julian and Carlos. Sam adamantly declares that neither she nor Danny will have a relationship with Julian. How will he take the news?
  • Finally free of danger, Britt and Nikolas’ emotional bonds deepen greatly, but the dark cloud of Britt’s machinations remains overhead.
  • Ava takes the stand at AJ’s murder trial. How much damage will her testimony do to AJ’s case? Is all hope lost?
  • It’s hard to hold onto hope when you feel like you’ve lost it all. Banned from seeing her daughter, Maxie doesn’t know how much more she can take. Later, Maxie has an emotional visit to Georgie’s grave – a visit that leads to the reunion she never, ever expected would happen!
  • An unexpected development happens for Spinelli and Ellie.

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Source Look Ahead: December 9, 2013 Edition
Dante and Lulu are at a crossroads. Will their marriage survive the fallout from the custody trial?

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  1. I hate it when they bring back actors for a short term such as Brenda which was a major disappointment. If Jason comes back, I think it will be a recast as he has a good role in the Y&R. With the role he had on GH, I never thought he was that great of an actor until his role on Y&R. I really like him as Dylan.

  2. Unless Robin remains on General Hospital and not for a short story line because of 50 year anniversary, I would not be surprised if it ends up a dream or something, also heard that Jason maybe coming back too. Only the people dead in real life cannot comeback for their roles

  3. Is Britt’s baby really the baby of Lulu and Dante? She had access to the embryos. Interesting storyline when Nickolas finds out…Just a thought…

  4. I hope Robin and Patrick get back together and send Sabrina back to her ex Carlos

  5. It is not fantasy as Patrick does love Sabrina also and she is a good person who also love Emma. I just assumed Patrick would choose Robin immediately but I think it will take longer than I thought. I like both women & do feel bad for Sabrina.

  6. I agree Lulu is falling apart as this has been a devastating blow being lied to & losing her baby. Dante has lied for Brenda & Sonny & although he did the right thing, I can see her point.

  7. Can we get on with Robin & Patrick reuniting and getting the babysitter out of their lives? This horrid s/l has been dragged out waaaayyyy too far. Robin & Patrick are soul mates. The babysitter is living in a fantasy land.

  8. I think that it will take time but Dante and Lulu will somehow make it through this struggle they are in at the moment. I love them so I care if they stay together. Once they get their son back things might be better for them! They alway make it even when they are given angst!

  9. I disagree with you for Lulu was fighting for a baby she was told was hers and that she had fallen loved with, I get why she is angry at Dante. I dont feel bad for Maxie at all, for she put herself in this situation with not being about to be with her daughter by lying and committing fraud.

  10. I agree also. The fact that Lulu lied on the stand is why I can not feel bad for her and Dante.

  11. Will Dante and Lulu survive the fallout? Who cares anymore . . . .

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