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‘Scandal’ Review: Olivia’s World is a Mess in ‘Icarus’

Pictured: Kerry Washington, Darby Stanchfield and Lisa Kudrow | Photo Credit: Eric McCandless

Sally Langston remains out for Sally Langston

This woman has always been out for herself.  She sees the opportunity to snake her way into the election by using Leo and the Tea Party.  She remains a thorn in everyone’s side, but she does have a weakness: her very whore-y husband.  For once, Mellie’s machinations will come in handy now that she realizes the way to bring down Sally is to exploit her husband’s promiscuous, adulterous ways. Besides, Mellie needs something to do. When she has too much time on her hands she ends up causing serious trouble for Olivia and Fitz.

Pictured: Lisa Kudrow | Photo Credit: Eric McCandless/ABC

Pictured: Lisa Kudrow | Photo Credit: Eric McCandless/ABC

Josie Markus finds her backbone

Taking on Josie as a client meant Olivia had her work cut out for her. What would it take to mold Josie Markus into a viable candidate? This is the Olivia Pope I know and love. The “take no prisoners, political genious, one step ahead of the pack,” woman that runs DC. Focusing on her work provides the necessary distraction from her personal life, while also layering new storyline potentials for…what for it – scandal to happen!

Lisa Kudrow deserves praise for her monologue again. It stands out as one of the top scenes in this episode. Not only did she do women proud with shedding light on all the crap and double-standard we have to face (especially in the political arena), but she called out James for being the representative of the culture that perpetuates it. How awesome was it to see a woman call out a gay man, who is part of a marginalized group in society, for continuing the sexist crap in the United States?

Harrison has a backstory (Say it with me y’all!)

Adnan Salif.  I don’t know who this guy is yet, but I do know that Harrison is petrified of him. It has to be huge if Cyrus is trying to blackmail him with it. I loved him going to Huck for help. It’s long overdue for the Gladiators to help each other out. It’s also very telling that Harrison once again shows the depths of his loyalty to Olivia by reiterating his support of Olivia when it comes to her choices for clients. Harrison refused to be the bully that strong-arms her into working for the White House again. Granted, Cyrus didn’t even let Harrison get out of the White House before green lighting Salif’s entry into the country. Cyrus is a sociopathic and gets pissy when he starts to close control; it’s unfortunate that Harrison was the closest thing he could hit at the time.

Quinn Perkins needs to stay grounded

She doesn’t get to play at the gun range, flirt with Charlie, or call her boss out on her relationship with the POTUS.  She needs to look to Harrison as a role model for how a Gladiator should behave and knock it off with Charlie. End of discussion.

Additional Musings & Shoutouts

  • Cyrus trying to get inside James’ head before his Josie interview.  Dan and Jeff are magic on my screen.  I need more of these two arguing please
  • Abby flawless hair
  • Sally’s drapes in her house, I honestly haven’t seen anything that ugly in years.
  • Scott Foley’s real life wife, Marika Dominczyk, for bringing Jake some flirty goodness for a minute before she took a bullet to the head.
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