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‘Sons of Anarchy’ Review: ‘Aon Rud Persanta’

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Warning: Do NOT read ahead if you do not want to be spoiled because some major things happened this evening. I would advise watching the episode before reading this review.


Last week when I said this felt like the end for Clay, I was right because tonight we said goodbye to our show’s main antagonist since season one. SAMCRO finally voted unanimously to have Clay meet with Mr. Mayhem.  While this was clearly Clay’s fate from the beginning, it still seemed somewhat sad to see such an overpowering figure in the show finally leave us. Was it surprising that Clay died? No, not really, especially since the initial buildup and foreshadowing throughout the season that implied he would not survive this season.  However you feel about Clay, there is no denying that his final moments were emotional.

SAMCRO officially cut ties with the Irish by killing Galaan and his men. With this act, Clay knows his time is up. He is initially shocked, but he seems to have accepted his fate once the realization sunk in he would not be escaping to Belfast. Jax explains that there was a vote, and this time it was unanimous. Clay seems to respect the club’s decision. He does not die like a coward, but as the tough guy we have seen since the beginning. In his last moments, Clay looks at Gemma, and Jax shoots him in the throat. In a rather gruesome and bloody scene, Gemma looks on in shock, as the former love of her life is gunned down by her son.

Did Clay need to die? Yes, because he has been a lingering shadow over the club’s head. He represented everything the club is now trying to get away from. Clay also had to pay for all his past misdeeds. He’s murdered people, beaten Gemma, and lied to his family and friends, all in the name of the club. Does this mean we cannot be sad he died? Listen, I am very sad, but I have accepted that Clay would die since season one. Now that he is dead, Jax can lead SAMCRO into its future, and he will have no one to blame but himself if he should fail. Clay is no longer a scapegoat, and Jax is the new Clay. Let’s just hope for his sake, his story ends more happily.

I was moved by Katey Segal’s performance this week when Clay died. It was almost as if she hadn’t read the script and wasn’t in on it. Gemma did not know that Clay was to be executed, and she cannot explain her sadness over the loss of a man she hated. Whether she hated him or not, she did love the man. She can now move forward with Nero with Clay officially out of the picture, but eventually Gemma will have to ultimately answer for her past indiscretions as well. Nero, if I was you, I would run and retire somewhere sunny with lots of prostitutes. When Gemma suggests they marry, Nero is like ‘no offense but I do not want to die’. The bitch is bad luck, and I would not want to be around when her borrowed time expires.

One thing that did bother me about Clay’s death was the nonchalant way Jax had Tara, Gemma, and Nero look on. Like hello, I could have waited in the van with Bobby and his gunshot wound. Could it have been a demonstration of his power? Possibly, but Nero seems more disgusted by Jax’s latest antics then overjoyed. Did seeing Clay’s murder scare Tara? Not really, she acted like the bitch we know her to be, and she was thrilled Clay was finally dead. She also now has another thing to hold over Jax’s head should she work with the police. HAVING HER THERE WAS STUPID! At least she did one good thing and saved Bobby’s life.

Jax’s deal with Patterson is now also in question. He gave her the guns, but he also gave her a slew of dead bodies. She is not thrilled. While I completely understand Jax’s thinking in eliminating Galaan and striking a deal with Connor, I do not understand double crossing Patterson. She is nothing like Agent Stahl, so I cannot really blame this poor lady for just trying to arrest someone already! She’s had like eight chances and she keeps getting screwed over. Offering the deal to Tara might be her best bet at taking down SAMCRO, but will Tara really provide the evidence against the club or is she just being a finicky asshole…again!

I do have to make one special shoutout and that is to my WINNER and LOSER this evening: Ron Perlman. Perlman made Clay Morrow the badass that he was. Whether you loved or hated Clay, you have to love Ron for always making you feel something whenever he was onscreen. I will miss your creepy voice, and the way you ran the joint. Thank you especially for trying to kill Tara that one time. You had my full support.

Will that bitch troll from hell turn on her husband and give Patterson the bullet she pulled from Bobby’s shoulder? Will the Irish Kings retaliate or accept Jax’s deal? Is Unser going to die already because Gemma looks petrified every time he tells her he is in love with her?!  Also, it really creeps me out too!!  Stay tuned, because in two weeks Sons of Anarchy returns with the final two episodes of the season.

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