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General Hospital Preview: December 16 Edition

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Alexis, Luke and Bobbie try to keep Julian from discovering his connection to Lucas but are their efforts for naught? Also: Robin has emotional reaction when she visits a familiar place, the war between Sonny and Julian turns deadly and Patrick makes a decision. Get a preview of what happens this week in Port Charles in our General Hospital preview for the week of December 16, 2013.

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General Hospital Preview: Unanswered Questions and Decisive Answers
Julian refuses to let the brewing mob war deter him from discovering the identity of “Lucas”. Julian decides to seek answers from Alexis, remembering that she never revealed whose DNA she tested against Sam’s. Will Alexis tells Julian what he wants to know? Later, Alexis reaches out to Luke, telling him to warn Bobbie. Could a surprise run-in between Luke, Bobbie and Julian lead to a confrontation? Bobbie might have to deal with this issue sooner than expected when she gets a call from Lucas…

Robin has a heart-to-heart talk with Sam about her situation with Patrick. While Sam offers her support to Robin, Sabrina is bolstered by Felix’s as well. As Sabrina wonders how she’ll be spending her Christmas, Robin returns to the home she once shared with her husband. By weeks end, Patrick finally comes to a decision. Will it be Sabrina or Robin?

Also This Week

  • The escalating mob war between the Corinthos and Jerome organizations finally reaches a tipping point with a shootout at Sonny’s warehouse! As the warring factions take aim at one other, who will be shot? Who will escape? And who will end up in custody?
  • A meeting between Sam and Silas quickly turns romantic as the two are distracted underlying sexual tension. Too bad for them, their moment is interrupted when Silas receives a mysterious phone call from an NYPD detective. Will Silas’ evasiveness lead to trouble between he and Sam?
  • Duke realizes the repercussions that await should Anna discover his alliance with Sonny.
  • Spinelli shares an emotional goodbye with Maxie.
  • Morgan and Ava’s feelings deepen. Is this real love?
  • Luke and Bobbie reminisce about their past and a beloved family member.
  • Britt confesses a truth to Nikolas, but what other truth is she hiding? Will her confession be enough for Nikolas to want to take things to the next level?
  • Anna has questions for Obrecht at the PCPD. How much longer can Anna hide what she and Robert have done with Faison?
  • Dante and Lulu get the shock of their lives. Will they get the answers they’re demanding?

Source Sneak Peek: December 23, 2013 Edition
Port Charles celebrates Christmas Day! Patrick’s decision leaves someone devastated and another elated! Will Silas reveal to Sam what he’s been hiding?

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