‘Reign’ Preview: Will Nostradamus change Mary’s mind about Francis?

Jan Thijs/The CW

Last week, Reign ended on a high note for fans of Mary and Francis. The young queen and Queen Catherine spent the episode plotting to save the castle and the prince from a vengeful Italian count. Their plan succeeded and Mary and Francis were closer than ever. The prince declared his love for her and the young royals let passion take over.

The king has more good news for the couple in the first midseason finale, “Fated.” King Henry has decided that it’s time for Mary and Francis to wed and make their union official. The two seem overjoyed and Mary and her ladies in waiting excitedly plan for the wedding, which is to be held immediately.

Unfortunately, there is one major wrench in the plan in the form of Queen Catherine. She fills Mary in on the real reason she’s so against the marriage – Nostradamus predicted Mary would cause Francis’ death. Needless to say, Mary goes to the prophet for confirmation and he tells her that while fate can be changed, this one cannot.

What will Mary do with the new information? We’re guessing she’s going to find a way to get out of the marriage to keep Francis safe – and perhaps turn to Bash in the process.

Reign airs its midseason finale on Thursday, Dec. 12 at 9/8c on The CW.