‘Revenge’ Preview: Will Emily Remember Who Shot Her?

ABC/Colleen Hayes

Things were not looking good for Emily after the last episode of Revenge. The scheming bride thought she had everything in place to fake her death and let Victoria take the fall for killing her so that Emily would finally be able to avenge her father.

Unfortunately, the groom had terrible timing and arrived just in time to hear his supposedly loving wife admit that she’d lied about being pregnant to trap him. Daniel picked up the gun and shot Emily twice, causing her to fall overboard into the water. He calmly returned to the party, but the guests already knew the bride was missing as did Aiden and Jack when her bloody wedding gown returned to the shore.

Homecoming” will send Emily to the hospital. She might have survived the bullets and the ocean, but the traumatic experience has led to her forgetting who she is and who shot her. Of course this is Revenge and we wouldn’t be surprised if Emily’s real amnesia goes away after an episode or two and then she continues to fake it and use everyone’s false sense of security to her advantage.

In the meantime, it looks like Daniel will temporarily be in the clear as Charlotte shows Emily pictures from their wedding. But things don’t look good for Aiden, who Emily seems to be frightened of when he visits her room. Will he be able to help Emily remember who she really is and why she should trust him? Or will the Grayson family manage to sweep another crime under the rug?

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Revenge returns Sunday, Jan. 5 at 9/8c on ABC.