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‘Sons of Anarchy’ Season 6 Finale Review: ‘A Mother’s Work’

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The sixth season of Sons of Anarchy comes to an end, and here I am bundling in and containing all my excitement due to the fact a character I have detested forever has finally died.  But I shall not gloat and celebrate…I’ll do that later….yes there will be karaoke and confetti.

The finale ended just as the season began: violently. Just when everything seems like it’s going real well, something completely dreadful (well, debatable) happens. Just as SAMCRO thought their business dealings were going well, little did they know that a child was shooting his classmates with one of their guns. No matter how clean they want to be, SAMCRO lives in a world of violence. There is no escape from this world except death it seems.

Tara thinks she can escape by making a deal with the Feds. She FINALLY makes a decision and decides to agree to Patterson’s deal. While meeting with her lawyer in the park (because she’s so freaking brilliant), Juice and Bobby find her there, and report back to Jax. Jax confronts Tara, and she begs that he not kill her in front of her children. He insists he will not kill her, but in fact agree to let her live and raise the children. Jax finally puts his family above the Club, and arranges to go to prison for the school shooting, leaving Tara alive to raise the children away from the Club.

What in the actual fuck was I just watching? Okay, I love Jax being selfless and finally owning that he was acting like a scumbag, but what is it about this bitch that makes him do shit like this? In what sane world would you just trust her again? Well regardless he does, and now Jax is heading for prison for at least 7 years. Great, we are all thrilled TARA is happy….and she is the only one! Jax is slightly happy too, but basically he gave up his freedom to save his marriage. Big whoop. I was really unimpressed and pissed off….until things got worse and I felt a bit better again.

So Gemma hears from Unser that Tara made a deal with the cops and Jax is going to jail. Yeah there should be a huge neon fucking sign over Unser’s trailer that says ‘Big fucking mouth lives here!” I am obviously no fan of Tara, but this dude might hate her more than I do because he is constantly fucking up her shit! He tells Gemma this….when she is high…..and completely emotional from breaking up with Nero…..and HE DECIDES NOW IS A GOOD TIME TO DO THIS?!

Now to quickly recap what happens next will be fun. By “fun” I mean as graphic and funny as possible given the heinous nature in which a not so funny murder occurs. So Tara comes home all happy and full of glee. At least she’s not singing again. Gemma comes out from the back, and Tara can see the look on her face as being somewhat “fucking cray” level. Tara tries to run away but Gemma is quick to grab an iron and slam it into Tara’s waist. Then she pummels her a bit….Then she drowns her in dirty dish water a little…..Then, Oh look a  grill fork, I think Gemma is going to make some steak….No she’s going to plunge that in Tara’s neck…Okay now her head…and her head again…and yeah that’s in the head there.

….So I am pretty sure Tara’s dead. BYE! Sorry, not sorry! If you expected remorse from me…..well then clearly you never read another article I wrote, so peace out bitch! According to Kurt Sutter, he had this planned at the beginning of the season. To this I say THANK GOD, because I was worried he had lost his damn mind and was prolonging her life just as he did with Clay. Tara dying makes perfect sense. Jax needed to lose everything.While he was sacrificing his freedom, he had not felt a loss since Opie’s death, and that left him a changed man more like Clay.

Now with Tara dead, he finally sees what Nero had warned him about. All the bad things he has done are coming back full circle. What remains in the balance is what happens to Jax. Patterson arrives to see Jax cradling Tara’s lifeless body and Roosevelt dead (we’ll get to this too). Will Jax be going to prison for their murders? Or will Patterson realize that this poor guy crying on the floor had nothing to do with this? Let’s hope it’s the latter.

Yes, Roosevelt was a casualty as well. This poor guy always seemed to get a rough deal. His wife is murdered, and then basically he is SAMCRO’s bitch. It was really a no win situation. He sees that Gemma had murdered Tara and tells a distraught Gemma that she’s a moron because Tara never ratted on Jax. Juice walks in a shoots Roosevelt, and helps Gemma get away. Now honestly, this fuckery made me enjoy my archenemy dying a bit. Don’t get me wrong I am overjoyed, but this whole thing was so over the top and contrived, that I am kind of annoyed with Sutter’s writing this season in general.

The payoff was pulled out of his ass. Yes we expected people to die, but it’s as if he just wants to oudo the last death that we saw and throw character development out the window. Am I supposed to hate Juice now? Honestly, I probably could never hate Juice, but he’s obnoxious now. Jax finally calls him out for being a rat (which he is!) and he goes and does this. What happened to being a p***y and questioning your life choices??! He went from vulnerable and depressed to calm and devious in less than an hour! I think Juice will unfortunately die next season or at least go to jail for the crimes….especially since homeless lady who has been on the show forever is living right near the dumpster where he put the evidence.

So now we just have a huge mess. Bobby is the President of SAMCRO, with the club thinking Jax is going to jail for the school shooting. Gemma ran off to be with Wayne, because what better place to go when you murder your daughter in law then to the dying guy obsessed with you? Nero is hanging out with the Chinese and Mayans since he has dumped Gemma, and turned on Jax.

Juice is probably still dumping evidence in areas RIGHT NEAR THE CLUB’S HANGOUT as I write this! Wendy is in rehab. Tig and Chibs are baby sitting, and poor Jax is probably going to get arrested for murdering a cop and his wife when really his mother and traitor brother Juice did it all. And that folks is why you never ever ever ever ever ever ever join a Motorcycle gang!

Overall I felt this season was very whommmpppp whommmp. Sutter tried too hard to give us drama, when it came so naturally every other season. This season seemed to be a “how many people can we kill?” competition. It did not play well on television, nor did this new one hour and thirty minute nonsense. Stick to what you are good at: great characters and great writing.  Thank you for killing off that heinous bitch troll, but really, you kept her around to long, but yeah thanks.

I will be tuning in next season for the show’s final year, because I am a glutton for punishment and I love Jax Teller. Here is to hoping that next season is better than this season. Also could Unser die? What?! I got Tara killed off, you cannot blame a girl for trying! Tune in next season and thanks to everyone for following along!

Amanda Drago
Amanda Drago is a writer at TVSource Magazine. Also known as “Hot Mess Mandy”, she's fan of sarcasm and snark with a Bachelor’s Degree in handling the “cray” and a Masters in real talk. Huge fan of soaps, reality TV, and really any well written show that can handle her short attention span. Usually the trashier the show, the better. Follow her on Twitter at @HotMessMandy

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