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‘Being Human’ Recap: ‘That Time of the Month’

BEING HUMAN -- "That Time Of The Month" Episode 402 -- Pictured: (l-r) Kristen Hager as Nora, Sam Witwer as Aidan -- (Photo by: Philippe Bosse / Syfy)

Monday’s episode of Being Human should be considered the companion to last week’s episode.  In “That Time of the Month,” someone’s from Aidan’s past threatens to derail his relationship with Kat just as they’re taking things to the next level; and Sally uses her newly acquired powers to try and free josh from his wolf, but there are unintended consequences.

We start this episode where we ended last week, with Aidan seeing his dead wife Suzanna. Well, undead wife; Undead wife who he hasn’t seen in two centuries. Needless to say, they have a lot to catch up on. Turns out, Bishop turned her, making her Aidan’s non-incestuous sister. She also tells Aidan that their son grew up to be a grandfather. Well, that was wrapped up neatly.  I call shenanigans!

Sally tries talking to Josh, which goes about as well as any conversation can go between a ghost and a wild beast. Nora tells her to leave him alone, but Sally thinks she can fix him with her new voodoo witch powers. Sally does her apparition thing and finds a spell book. A spell book she can actually carry, which delights her more than a kid at a candy store.  She then goes to show Aidan, who’s still with Suzanna. Sally’s stunned that Aidan’s “side dish” can see her, but they don’t dwell on that, as they need to go back to Nora and try the spell to “fix” Josh.

Sally says that they need to do the spell at sunset during the “Waning Moon”, so they can banish what’s taken ahold of Josh. Oh, they also need to five to seven milliliters of menstrual blood. Gross.  Luckily, Aidan’s keen vampire senses can smell that Nora is going through her shark week, so she goes to deposit some in a cup. Did I mention this is gross, because it is; Friends don’t let friends know they can smell them having their period. They just direct them to a doctor.

The final part of the ritual involves stabbing the wolf part of Josh in the heart, which Nora and Aidan are totally not down with, but do it anyway because they can’t really think of a better option. Well, Nora tries to do it, but Josh, shockingly, doesn’t want to be stabbed, and attacks her, so Aidan goes all bad ass and does it for her. They then turn to Sally to complete the ritual, but she’s disappeared again. Worst. Timing. EVER!

Sally has actually teleported to when Aidan and Josh were first moving in together, and she was just the peeping Tom…ika? Tamika. Peeping Tamika. Anyway, Sally’s powers have her traveling through time and different dimensions. All I have to say to this is that Hermione Granger would have never allowed this to happen.

Back in present time, Aidan is crying because he’s murdered his wolf bro, when a hand pushes through the mouth of the beast. Aidan and Nora rip Josh’s naked body out of the wolf, and take him home. However, it’s very clear Josh isn’t himself. He’s out of it. Sally pops back into the present, and is worried something went wrong because she didn’t complete the spell. Worst ghost witch ever.

Aidan finds the hotel Suzanna is staying at, but this meeting isn’t as pleasant as the first. Suzanna basically pushes Aidan away, leading him back home to find boring Kat in his bed. Deanna Russo is a beautiful girl, and a good actress, but these human characters who don’t know their secrets just come off stupid. Anyway, he tells her he loves her, they make out and…whoa, what the hell is Suzanna doing with that whip?

We get a flashback to Suzanna hallucinating Aidan because she refuses to feed. Hunger eventually takes over, and she goes to town on some kid in the woods…the kid being her son. So much for him living to be a grandfather, eh? Bishop refuses to turn the child, as he’d be stuck that way for eternity. Brutal. No wonder she’s stayed away for so long.

The episode ends with Josh’s eyes looking very wolf like, and in the previews, look like our friendly neighborhood werewolf goes a little ape shit. Fun times. Solid episode.

Best Aspect | Aiden and Suzanna are hot. Suzanna also is a lot more interesting that I thought she would be upon introduction. Good work show

Worst Aspect | Kat is pointless right now. She’s clearly cannon fodder, and is written as such.

Best Line | “You have an appointment at a day spa and you come back very, very cocky”-Aidan to Sally when she brings up her plan to save Josh.

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