‘Hart of Dixie’ Video Preview: Directed by…Zoe Hart?

Robert Voets/The CW

On the next episode of Hart of Dixie, Zoe will be put in charge of directing the town’s cabaret. That’s right. The fate of the town’s production rests in Zoe’s hands. Doesn’t Bluebell already have enough problems?

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The CW has released the first video preview for the episode, “Star of the Show.” Needless to say the residents of Bluebell have quite the reaction to learning that Zoe will be in the director’s seat. Wade’s smirk is our personal favorite, even if Zoe is not a fan.

We’re definitely looking forward to what we imagine will be a typical Bluebell disaster situation, but what else does the episode have in store? AnnaBeth will team with Lemon to rally Lavon into fighting the merger and Lynly will grow even more jealous of George and Tansy’s friendship.

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Check out the video below and then hit the comments and share your thoughts with us! Are you looking forward to seeing Zoe in charge?

Hart of Dixie airs Monday, Jan. 20 at 8/7c on The CW.