‘Arrow’ Reaction: Did Oliver make the right call with Roy in ‘Tremors’?

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Last week’s episode of Arrow delivered a big surprise when Oliver revealed his identity to Roy and then invited him into the Arrow Cave to meet the team. But we can’t help wondering if that was a wise decision.

Tremors” focused on Arrow trying to teach Roy to control his newfound strength. He put the younger man through the motions using a similar training technique to the one Shado had given Oliver on the island. But Roy was not impressed with the methods and reiterated to Arrow that he had a lot of anger inside of him.

Arrow got called away to investigate a break in at the Merlyn home so he brought Roy with him. Bronze Tiger and his crew were there stealing a prototype earthquake machine. Arrow warned Roy to stay out of it and attempted to stop them, but Roy isn’t great with directions and jumped in to help. Unfortunately, he lost control and Arrow had to prevent him from killing someone, which allowed the thieves to get away with the prototype.

The team managed to track it down and Arrow once again went to stop them from setting it off. Roy tagged along and got into another fight and Arrow needed his help to get to the machine in time, but Roy was too far gone in his rage spiral to listen to him so Oliver took off the hood and made the plea as Thea’s brother to get through to Roy.

It was a cool scene and arguably the best reveal yet (although we did enjoy Oliver in the back of Felicity’s car). But what made this reveal so great is that we were not expecting it at all because after Barry found out the truth, Oliver was determined to keep his secret protected. As he told Roy, too many people already know the truth about his identity.

We understand why Oliver revealed himself and we can appreciate that he wants to help Roy and bring him into the fold, but we’re still not sure this was the best idea. Roy is loose cannon. He definitely needs help and guidance, but he’s got a chip on his shoulder and he’s not exactly a team player. Oliver warned him that Thea can never know about any of this and to us that felt like a foreshadowing moment.

Will including Roy lead to Thea learning the truth? Or will Oliver’s instincts pay off in the long run? Maybe Roy and Oliver will continue to butt heads from time to time, but the team environment might be good for Roy. He’ll see that Arrow is not a lone wolf and that he relies on Digg and Felicity to help him through each mission. Maybe this will help Roy learn to control his rage because he’ll know that he has a team of good people standing behind him.

Now it’s your turn to tell us what you think. Did Oliver make the right decision? Will Roy be a good addition to Team Arrow or a liability? Who will learn Oliver’s secret identity next? Hit the comments and share your thoughts and theories with us!

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