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GH reACTION Poll: Should Robin Scorpio-Drake Help Victor Cassadine?


General Hospital kicked off February Sweeps by dropping a bombshell like only they can! A long-lost Cassadine returned to Port Charles with a proposition or Dr. Robin Scorpio-Drake (Kimberly McCullough) that could have far reaching repercussions. Will she accept?

Victor Cassadine (Thaao Penghlis) made a surprise appearance in Port Charles with a mission in mind for our favorite heroine. First, viewers learned that Victor is now the head of the mysterious WSB (World Security Bureau), the organization her father and Frisco Jones works for. That’s right, he’s the man responsible for setting Dr. Obrecht free!

Victor wants to restore his fractured Cassadine family back to its former glory, and wants Robin to help him achieve that goal by reviving his nephew Stavros and sister-in-law Helena! Robin was smart to point out that they’re dead, but Victor assured her that they’re no deader than she was! While the lab they were being stored in was converted to a facility for Robin, Dr. Obrecht moved Stavros and Helena and kept them in safe place. She leveraged their locations in exchange for a full pardon!

With another piece of the puzzle revealed, Robin wanted to know why Victor thought she would help him. After all, there’s no incentive to help him bring back two of the world’s most dangerous criminals. Then Victor dropped an even bigger bombshell. Robin wouldn’t just be helping the Cassadines…she’d be helping someone she cares about as well. He reached into his pocket and pulled out a photo of the last person Robin expected to see – Jason Morgan!


Would Robin actually leave to help Victor if it meant saving Jason? It’s certainly plausible. Their friendship remained strong throughout the years, as her feelings for him actually led to her coming back to Port Charles in 2005 to save his life! Let’s not forget that Robin “died” in a lab explosion two years ago while trying to formulate a drug protocol to cure him of his latest neurological ailment. She knew the risks of returning to the lab to retrieve the serum but she sacrificed her life to do so – because she’s a doctor and because he was her friend.

Of course we know the lab explosion was a set up for Jerry Jacks and Cesar Faison to keep Robin away from her family. After finally reuniting with her mother, husband and daughter, would she leave town for Jason of all people? It’s a question we’re hoping we get the answer to.

It’s possible that Victor Cassadine could be manipulating Robin in an effort to get her to assist him, but then again, he could be telling the truth. If Robin knew it was within her power to reunite Jason with his wife and child and family, would she walk away from her family to help?

Vote in our fan reACTION poll and tell us your thoughts in the comments below!

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  1. Even though the WSB guy says it’s Robin’s choice there is too much intimidation there for her to refuse. She would have to go, for her friend Jason or not. And why can’t they transport everything to Port Charles for Robin?

  2. RME, why would the Cassadine’s rescue Jason Morgan after he was kicked into the water near Pier 52?

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