‘The Vampire Diaries’ Top 5 Moments from ‘Total Eclipse of the Heart’

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Right off the bat, I have a confession to make. “Total Eclipse of the Heart” was not my favorite episode of The Vampire Diaries. I was actually pretty bored through most of the episode, which was unfortunate because I’ve really been enjoying the show lately. But that’s life and sometimes life comes in the form of a slow episode.

Of course it wasn’t all bad. There were some good moments (Stefan was in it so automatic win). Picking up where last week left off, Stefan returned home to find Aaron’s dead body in the car and Damon and Enzo passed out in the living room. Needless to say, Stefan was not happy that his brother had returned to his bad boy ways.

Katherine, on the other hand, was super happy about living the good life in Elena’s body. I know a lot of people aren’t thrilled with this storyline, but I’m enjoying it because it’s fun to see Katherine not having to fight and run for her life. More than that, it’s fun to see her force herself to pretend to care about all of Elena’s friends and family and then turn around and roll her eyes as she mentally gags on the sentiment.

We got to meet some new characters this week, two witches, one who was working with Dr. Wes and one who happened to sit next to Bonnie in class and ended up a pawn in Damon and Enzo’s plot to find Wes. I could pretend that I cared enough to learn their names, but instead, I’m just going to be honest and file both new characters under the ‘boring’ portion of the episode and get into the moments I did enjoy.

5. Stefan fights Enzo for Damon

It’s no secret that I’m not a fan of Enzo. I don’t see the appeal of the character. So I very much enjoyed Stefan threatening him. I’m still a little confused as to why Enzo isn’t stronger, considering all the years he’s been experimented on, but whatever. Maybe Augustine doesn’t trump age. I loved Stefan ordering him to leave town and then fighting with him in the Whitmore house until Enzo stabbed “Elena” and ended the fun.

But then Stefan told “Elena” why it was so important to him to keep Damon from the dark side. He admitted that he wanted to see his brother fail because it would make Elena realize he was the wrong choice, but then he stopped wanting that since he liked seeing Damon on the right path. Aw, Stefan….I can’t stress enough that the Salvatore brothers’ bond is my one and only true pairing on this show. I love that Stefan wants to keep Damon ‘good’ even if it meant that he lost the girl.

4. Stefan and ‘Elena’ had a moment

My shipper heart is pretty confused. Stefan and Elena are my favorite Paul Wesley/Nina Dobrev combination, but I’ve grown very fond of Stefan and Katherine this season. Katherine being in Elena’s body really messes things up and I don’t know how to feel about it. Do I root for her? I love watching her plotting, but I’m guessing none of this will end well for her. So where does that leave Stefan and Elena?

And what was that moment with Caroline? After “Elena” promised to help Damon for Stefan, they shared a meaningful hug and Stefan looked guilty when Caroline came in. Was it because he felt bad about getting close to “Elena” or was he worried Caroline might get the wrong idea? I’ve never really believed Stefan and Caroline would ever be more than friends, but tonight made me wonder if it might happen after all.

3. Tyler realized Nadia was compelling Matt

After last week, I was concerned about what was next for Tyler. Naturally there was drinking involved and he got to meet Nadia. They did shots with Matt and traded stories about their mothers. It was a strange combination, but also made for a cute scene. As they were hanging out, Katherine was calling with questions and when Tyler excused himself to the restroom, Nadia asked Matt to explain who Enzo was. Tyler overheard and warned Matt that Nadia was compelling him and ordered him to drink some vervain.

I was happy that Tyler got to be a good guy again after his baby killing ways and the ugly fight with Caroline last week. Matt caught onto Nadia when she tried to find out if Elena was worried about Caroline stealing Stefan (Caroline was getting on Katherine’s nerves). But Nadia was on to the boys and she snapped Tyler’s neck and threatened Matt so when Tyler woke up, Matt made up a story and then left with Nadia, who hasn’t decided what she’s going to do with him yet. I know Matt has a lot of fans, but why wouldn’t Nadia just snap his neck? Sometimes keeping him alive doesn’t make sense, show.

2. Katherine had to save Jeremy’s life

Damon ruined Bonnie and Jeremy’s night by kidnapping Jeremy and handing him over to Enzo so Bonnie could find a witch to do a locator spell and track down Wes. Katherine wasn’t really interested in any of this, but Nadia had warned her that she needed to start doing a better job as Elena or people would suspect something. She recognized the location where Jeremy was being held and headed over to Whitmore house with Stefan just after Enzo had finished suffocating Jeremy with a plastic bag.

Stefan fought Enzo and it was up to Katherine to save Jeremy’s life. I know this phrase gets thrown around a lot, but once again, Nina Dobrev for all the awards. Her disgusted expressions as she gave Jeremy mouth-to-mouth and then proceeded to just pummel his chest with her fists were one of the best things I’ve ever witnessed on this show. It was hilarious and then she had to pretend to be relieved when he woke up, only to roll her eyes once everyone’s backs were turned. Don’t ever change, Katherine.

1. Damon turned Augustine

Even though Stefan is my favorite character on the show, I love Damon too and I enjoy Damon when he’s a little bit bad. There’s a fine line between Damon being Damon and Damon acting like he did in this episode. I get that he’s hurt and angry and wants to blow his life apart, but he really needed to dial back the jackass factor a bit. There’s a happy medium for Damon and tonight was a little too extreme for my tastes.

But things didn’t end well for the elder Salvatore. After tracking down Wes with Enzo, Damon was ready to end the not-so-good doctor’s life, but Wes had teamed up with the travelers (who are these people?). They knocked out Enzo and Wes injected Damon with his serum, which turned Damon into an Augustine vampire – the kind that wants to feed on other vampires. As Damon said, it was karma and then he proceeded to go into ripper mode and eat the vampire provided to him by Wes as Enzo watched in horror. Yikes.

What did you guys think? Did you enjoy the episode or was it a little slow after the last two weeks? Are you surprised Damon is a ripper now? Will Stefan find a way to fix him? Who do you think Stefan is going to end up with? How long before someone figures out Katherine’s secret? Hit the comments and share your thoughts and theories with us!

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