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‘Arrow’ Preview: Will Slade make Oliver suffer for his past mistakes?

Cate Cameron/The CW

The last episode of Arrow ended with Oliver receiving quite a shock: not only is Slade Wilson alive, but he was in the Queen mansion having a business meeting with Moira. Once Oliver recovers from the surprise, how long will it take him to realize that Slade’s goal is to completely destroy him?

When the action picks up in “The Promise,” the episode will take us back to the island so we can see what happens when Slade, Oliver and Sara prepare to overthrow Ivo and claim the freighter as their own. Since we know that at some point, Oliver ends up believing that Slade and Sara are both dead, we’re going to assume that things don’t go as planned on the island.

Meanwhile, Sara learns that Slade is alive and warns Team Arrow that his plan is to kill Oliver and his entire family. She recruits Roy to back her up, but even with his superpowers and her knowledge of Slade, are they any match for him? As Slade warns in the trailer, he made a promise five years ago and he’s there to fulfil it.

Check out the photos gallery and then hit the comments below and share your thoughts with us. Are you looking forward to the episode? Are you more excited about the action on the island or the present day scenes? Who will come out victorious?

Arrow airs Wednesday, March 5 at 8/7c on The CW.

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  1. This despise Oliver Queen sickness has become a serious epidemic. It seems that nearly everyone on any website that takes comments expresses their displeasure with Oliver Queen a.k.a. “The Arrow” and the list will only grow larger. When the viewers of a given genre hate the “hero” more than the villains that hunt him you know there is a problem. And the moral compass (or in this case lack thereof) of Oliver Queen is precisely the problem. But then again, although the villains who hunt Oliver are no better from a moral standpoint, it hurts all the more because the “hero” is always supposed to stand for something greater than himself or herself. And this is where Oliver Queen fails miserably. Which explains why so many people are rooting for Slade Wilson to kill, corrupt, and/or destroy everyone and everything that Oliver “cares” about. Simply put, they want Slade to rip Oliver a new one. And they would not be entirely wrong for wishing this to happen. It’s long past time for Oliver to start paying for his many sins………………I hereby confess, I have the despise Oliver Queen sickness as well…………

  2. I think Slade must give Oliver a good thump at one point, because I remember seeing Stephen Amell wearing a really bad black eye that must stay around for awhile. I think it is from this episode. I think Sara should be concerned for her own well being as well, as she was complicit with the lies around Shado’s death. I wonder too if we shall see Brother Blood make an appearance at all, as I really want Oliver to know he was wrong about Sebastian, and help redeem Laurel in someway and understand that Laurel was targeted because of Oliver. She is surely allowed some redemption by now. Otherwise how long do we have to wait for? And why hasn’t Quentin made a connection between Officer Daily and Sebastian Blood with the phone records he seized back in episode 2.10, as there would have been numerous phones calls made between the two of them.

  3. I know I should be rooting for Oliver but I’m kind of hoping that Slade ends up beating him up. I’m not happy with Oliver right now and since Slade has a genuine reason to be mad, it seems like his vendetta is justified. Besides, I love Slade. I loved him on the island, I loved Shado a whole lot more than I liked Sara so If Slade can teach the “kid” another lesson, I’m all for it.

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