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‘Arrow’ Spoilers: Season 2, Episode 17 ‘Birds of Prey’

Cate Cameron/The CW

The CW has released an official episode description for the March 26 episode of Arrow, “Birds of Prey.”

Spoiler Warning: The episode description provided by the network references events that will take place in episodes that have not aired yet. So turn back now if you don’t want to ruin any of the surprises.

Otherwise, read the full description below and then hit the comments and share your thoughts with us! Are you looking forward to the episode?

“WHEN THE HUNTRESS MET THE CANARY — When Frank Bertinelli (guest star Jeffrey Nordling) is arrested, Oliver (Stephen Amell) knows it’s only a matter of time before his daughter, Helena, AKA The Huntress (guest star Jessica De Gouw), returns to town. To make matters worse, Laurel (Katie Cassidy) is picked to try Frank’s case, putting her right in the path of Helena. Oliver tells Sara (Caity Lotz) he will handle his ex-girlfriend, but when Helena takes hostages at the courthouse, including Laurel, the Canary will stop at nothing to save her sister.  When The Huntress and Canary meet, an epic battle begins. Meanwhile, Roy (Colton Haynes) realizes he needs to keep Thea (Willa Holland) safe, but doesn’t like the way he is forced to go about it.  John Behring directed the episode written by Mark Bemesderfer & A.C. Bradley.”

Arrow airs Wednesdays at 8/7c on The CW. “Birds of Prey” will air on March 26.

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  1. Oliver never spent a year looking at laurel picture , he spent 5 years on the island looking at laurel picture and thinking about laurel and regretting ever being with sara and hurting laurel over fear of commitment issues and Oliver wanted to get back home to laurel and only laurel. Oliver character spent more time thinking and trying to reconnecting with laurel rather than reconnecting with his own family and friend and even before Tommy death Oliver was thinking about laurel and he even convinced Tommy to get back with laurel only to later on deciding that he wants laurel while forgetting he convinced Tommy to get back with laurel while at the same time forgetting that he told laurel that he can’t go and convince Tommy to take her back because he was still in love with her and that is laurel and only laurel and not sara. I agree with you about how the writers treatment of loyal viewers and I don’t hate laurel Character in fact I love laurel Character and as far as sara character I hates that character and wish they never brought sara back from the dead because they are ruining the show just to make sara character apart of the show while throwing characters under the bus for sara and while at the same time ignoring other characters who have been on the show since day one. Look at how the writers brought back Malcolm Merlin from the dead only for the character to be ignored since they brought him back from the dead and the Roy character , felicity , diggle, laurel and even Oliver character being thrown under the bus for sara character. Diggle and felicity have become like a family to Oliver and ever since they brought sara character back from the dead and have Oliver finds out that about sara being a live, Oliver since then have started to treat his arrow team bad. Oliver stop training Roy character as he promised and not just training and Oliver character as not been treating felicity good or with respect as felicity deserves from him. With laurel , Oliver treatment of laurel is cruel and it wasn’t like that even when sara came back from the dead but Oliver treated laurel cruelly because laurel didn’t want to be nice to sara for bringing her ex-boyfriend to a family dinner that Oliver and sara knew that he wasn’t invited to but he shows up to a family dinner all because sara character wasn’t woman enough to face laurel and make matters worse they got back the same night they slept together all because Oliver couldn’t deal with his family issues like a real man and sara couldn’t and didn’t want to deal with the fact that things wasn’t going her way as she plans and once again laurel Character is made out to be the villain of the show while sara and Oliver characters comes off look like a victim when sara and Oliver characters aren’t victim of laurel Character but because laurel haters and sara and Oliver lovers seems to think that sara and Oliver is the good guys and the victim of laurel Character when they are not the victim in fact they are the bad guys because sara a open chance to reconnect with laurel at the lance family dinner but she and Oliver blew that chance all because sara isn’t woman enough to face laurel by herself and she wasn’t going to be by herself at the family dinner but because sara is a gutless coward she brought Oliver character to the lance family dinner when it’s was supposed to be a family dinner only and now that laurel giving her second chance to be sisters again sara is choosing to based her relationship with laurel on lies deception and when laurel finds out about sara lies I hope the writers have laurel Character cut sara character out of her life for good and disowned sara as her sister at the same time while putting sara on full blast for making her out to be the villain and claim that she had changed for the good and for other things that laurel had to go through and put up with all because she didn’t want to be nice to sara or wanted sara in her life and I hope laurel Character put Oliver character on full-time blast like Hitler would do to a kitten in a litter box because of how cruel Oliver character was to laurel when he chooses to show up at laurel place for family dinner when he wasn’t invited and he wasn’t even family and which laurel points out to Oliver and also Oliver also Oliver character was way too quick in so many ways to pass judgment on laurel Character for laurel mistakes while he refuses repeatedly to agnolige that he is also the blame for the problems in his life and he haven’t hardly been their for his family other than being their for his mother trial and thea but after that he haven’t hardly been their for his family because of his secret life he chooses to have and do every day and lies he chooses to tell to the people who he claimed to love and cared about. Oliver also claimed that laurel doesn’t have any idea about what is going on with his family and him but the problem with that is that Oliver refuses to see and agnolige that laurel is in no shape or form to be their for anybody since laurel have been struggling to find her way since Tommy death and he himself haven’t been their for laurel too and haven’t been trying to fix the damage he help caused with sara and he wasn’t even helping the situation with the lance family by getting back with sara while at the same time attempting to lie about it until they were both called out for it by laurel at the lance family dinner that he wasn’t supposed to be at in the first place and also Oliver also refuses to see that he and his family aren’t the only ones who have problems and which he knows that the lance family home is broken because of his and sara actions but yet again Oliver refuses to see that. I hope laurel disowned Oliver character as a friend for ever because of the kind of cruelty he showed to laurel when he knows very well that laurel is completely having a mental breakdown but Oliver character chooses to treat laurel Character with cruelty all because poor sara feelings were being hurt. Season 2 of episode 14 of arrow was completely cringed worthy during the lance family dinner scene because laurel father turn on her because he couldn’t handle the truth about his ex-wife not coming back to him and because that laurel blew up at Oliver and sara when he knows more than anyone that Oliver showing up is pretty a bad idea and that getting back with sara again and that it is distasteful idea to laurel but he couldn’t for once in his miserable life have laurel back against sara and Oliver like the way laurel have his back in a way that sara and his wife and now ex-wife never have his back but because sara can’t do do wrong he will always sides with sara over laurel and he is now going sides with Oliver now over laurel because Oliver is dating the can’t do no wrong sara and he is going to side with his ex-wife over laurel who have been their for him more than sara and his ex-wife ever were , a daughter who decided that her pussy were more important to scrash more than be home with her family and an now ex-wife who decided turning her back on the rest of her family for 6 years all because she couldn’t or didn’t want to move passed her grieving of believing that sara had died with the rest of her family. I seriously can’t root for the lance parents because both parents acts as if laurel was the wrong child that was born that they wish that it was only sara they have as a child because of the horrible treatment of laurel and the way they treated sara which is the saddest thing to see the parents horrible treatment of laurel to the way they treated sara with love and tenderness and kindness . In episode 14 of season two of arrow show I was hoping that Oliver would have apologize for his bad discussion when he decided to show up with sara to a family dinner unannounced at laurel place but we didn’t get that instead we get Oliver going off on laurel who he knows is having a breakdown because of the death of Tommy and other things while at the same time Oliver going on about himself and how laurel is to blame for the down fall of laurel life instead of sincerely agnolige that he and sara are the ones that caused laurel down fall in the first place. Oliver should have just not stick his nose were it didn’t belong and just go home instead of sitting his dumb ass down at the table and he could have just left when things were getting ugly at the table and when laurel was leaving to cool off , Oliver make things worse by going after laurel now laurel Character is reduced to being sara and Oliver couple cheerleader Sara and Oliver ass kisser which is why I completely detest episode 16 of season two of arrow which is the scene with sara and laurel talk about some dumb cocktail drink that tasted bad to laurel and then the scene becomes about laurel giving advice to sara character about relationship advice about her ex-boyfriend who is now dating her sister who she trying to reconnect with as sister while sara is lying to laurel and then their the scene with Oliver when laurel giving advice to Oliver about dating her sister and only thing he could say to laurel was that he knew that this couldn’t be easy and laurel stupid answer is that it is the easiest thing because she is doing this for the people she cares about which again another contrived scene with laurel and Oliver and sara while those two lying piece of shits are keeping a huge secret from her which is why laurel have huge amounts of grudge against both of them and the saddest thing is laurel once again being lie to her face by two sycopathical liars who no doubt in my mind will make laurel Character out to be the villain when she finds out they once again choosing to betrayal her again with lies and deception and manipulation and I’m sure the laurel haters will be on laurel case about how horrible she is to Oliver and sara again while claiming that sara and Oliver characters have done nothing but protecting laurel when people should be call out both sara and Oliver for their horrible actions and treatment of laurel Character because they both have been lying to her since sara got back into town and Oliver have been lying to laurel since he have been the hood while pretending to be laurel friend all this time. I’m not going hold out any hope of how laurel haters gonna treat laurel when laurel finds out about sara and Oliver lies and deception and manipulation and their awfulness behaviors of how they treated laurel Character all because laurel didn’t want to forgive and move past sara betrayal yet and Oliver for his shitty move by the way he treated laurel during the lance family dinner that he wasn’t invited to and how Oliver treated laurel knowingly full well that laurel have been having breakdowns since Tommy death and they both got what they wanted from laurel which is for laurel to forgive sara and reconnect with sara and also for laurel to really forgive Oliver and for laurel to remain friends with him but since he becomes the hood Oliver reconnection have been surrounding with lies deception and manipulation and laurel and sara reconnecting as sisters start off with lies , deception and manipulation and I know for sure laurel haters will paint her as the evil villain of the show isn’t instead of once again laurel is forgiving them while remaining friends with Oliver who doesn’t deserve it at all and same goes for sara who is willing to lose what ever knew reconnecting with laurel by choosing to betray laurel again with lies deception and manipulation and keeping Oliver secret from her own sister who she claimed that she wants to reconnect with laurel more than anything in the world but Sara is dating Oliver and lying , deceiving and manipulating laurel into believing that she changed but sara character hasn’t changed in fact sara character is now worse because still lying, deceiving and manipulating people with the secret life that she is living and she is also keeping Oliver secret from Oliver which if sara really wants a relationship with laurel she have to start with honesty with laurel and not keep secrets from laurel because its what destroy everything with laurel and the family but now the father is in on the lies , deceptions and manipulation which is the saddest because laurel is being painted the villain by the people around her while they are choosing to screw laurel over again it’s bad enough that they did it once but the are doing it again to laurel and this time her own father is on the betrayal of laurel. I’m just sad that laurel is being screwed over again both Oliver and sara and now her own father.

  2. The writers can kill sara off because I’m tired of the show being about her and this supposedly deep connection between sara and Oliver characters storyline that the writers are rewriting for them while casting everybody else characters aside to make this so called bs of a deep connection between sara and Oliver characters . Secondly the writers wants us to be believe that Oliver character haven’t always been on the island for five years and that he wasn’t stairing at laurel picture for five years and also what confusing and irritating is that writers are making it look as if laurel is the one that Oliver regrets being with instead of sara. Oliver said that he regrets everything that he did with sara and that being with sara is a mistake he wishes he could take back and also laurel Character was the only one Oliver was thinking about and the only one Oliver wanted to get back home and not his family and I know Oliver loves his family but they weren’t the one he was thinking about when he was on the island or when he returns home from the island it was laurel. So for the writers to desperately trying to rewrite everything with the love storyline with Oliver and laurel is just wrong and top it off they trying to make it look like sara was on the island with Oliver for good knows how long and that they end up bonding at the sametime with sara and Oliver never was thinking of laurel and everything Oliver said in season one about laurel and how much he loves her and now the writers are casting diggle and felicity and even Roy characters so they could force feed so called love or the deep connection between sara and Oliver and even the whole felicity & diggle and Roy arrow team to make the show or things into the Oliver and sara show or what ever the writers wants to call it. I know people hates the whole laurel and Oliver love story because they see know chemistry between Stephen amell and Katie Cassidy but I would rather they continue write the love story of laurel and Oliver rather than this peace of shit of writing in order to fit sara into the show and not only that but I wish the writers have felt sara character dead in the pilot season episode because since they brought sara back nothing about the show have made any sense at all because almost everything from pilot episode of season one have been rewrite for sara and their so many characters that is being brought on the show that Oliver supposedly meet supposedly being stuck on the island. My problem is everything from pilot episode of season one of arrow have been rewrite , I mean Oliver character was said to be stuck on the island for five years and that sara was dead on the sinking ship but they rewrite everything for sara character and for what ever storyline they are coming up with. Also I completely hate the whole sara and Oliver and laurel scenes in season two of episode 16 because instead the writers gives laurel Character her own storyline of her own they turned laurel Character into a sara and Oliver ass kisser who have no life of her own other than being their couple cheerleader. What I wanted from laurel Character was for her to cut her ties with her own father who turned on her when she was the only one who was their for him through out the good , bad and the ugly and as far as sara goes ever since she have been back and dating Oliver she been with Oliver instead of being with her family more than Oliver and laurel should have cut Oliver out of her life because he claims he have been their for laurel during her alcohol and drug addiction problems but Oliver never their for laurel other than asking her if she was ok at times and showing up at the hospital for few seconds and during Tommy death he ran off back to the island he was stuck on for 5 months and never was their for laurel when she was grieving over Tommy death and sure as hell ditch his supposedly best friend funeral to sluck and do the whole poor me crap and then Oliver shows up at Tommy grave site after Tommy been buried for months and even months later he wasn’t their for laurel unless laurel father asked Oliver for help with laurel and even then it was only for a few minutes. Then sara character return from the dead and all of a sudden Oliver paints laurel as the villain and sara as the victim, yes I know laurel wasn’t making things easy but why should laurel make things easy for sara and make sara happy when sara returning from the dead brought up back pain for laurel just to see her backstabbing no good of a sister and the saddest part is that sara haven’t apologize sincerely to laurel. Oliver expected laurel to just get over what sara did to her like laurel Character feelings doesn’t count or matters accept for his and sara feels. I just hope and pray that the writers kills off sara character permanently and never to be brought back from the dead because I’m and other viewers are put off by sara character and especially when she is around Oliver and laurel Character and also other characters on the show because laurel Character was made to look like the villain since sara character been brought back from the dead and now they turned laurel Character into an ass kisser who see that sara can’t do no wrong . I know people find laurel Character irritating and even hates and wants laurel Character off the show but I love laurel Character because with all laurel flaws and mistakes and bitchyness laurel Character is really an amazing character under neath it all and also love that laurel isn’t afraid to speak her mind and tells it like it is and not sugar coat the truth which is why viewers are hating on her when they shouldn’t. People hates on laurel for telling the truth to sara about sara ruined her life and their family in episode 14 of season two of arrow which is partly true about laurel life even though laurel have an hand in her life going down the drain and it is completely true that sara actions with Oliver ruined the lance family because they thought sara had died sara and laurel parents marriage went down the drain and then the mother left her husband and daughter to continue to pick up the pieces after sara death and her leaving her family for 6 years only to return with obsession over sara while making it look like she back to stay for good while at the same time making it look like she wants all of them together back as a family while again at the same time never once said that she wasn’t leaving back again.

  3. again, too much sara! might as well change the title of the show from ARROW to CANARY. this is too much, getting more and more uninteresting. come on writers, stick to the core arrow team — oliver, diggle, felicity.

    sorry but i’m not really into the female genre of superheroes. i learned that caity lotz has a little bit of knowledge about martial arts and those breakdancing stuff, but imo she looks to plump to do those action scenes. a bit forced if i may say.

  4. I’m thinking I might to skip this one. I’m so sick of Sara that I may actually vomit. I’ve never liked Laurel, but the writers have treated the loyal viewers like we are idiots by rewriting what we spent a year watching LAST YEAR. Here’s hoping the Huntress takes out both of the Lance sisters.

  5. The writing is messy period. All of a sudden Sara’s the love of Oliver’s life? I’m so freaking confused. It was as if he didn’t spend a whole year on the island staring at Laurel’s picture.

  6. Sorry I am getting confused, which ex-girlfriend do they mean, as Oliver has so many in just this episode description. Hilarious. Please Helena take Sara out just to reduce the number of ex-girlfriends Oliver has in this show. Frankly, it is way to messy ATM.

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