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‘Beacon Hill’ Series Review – The Painting

“Beacon Hill” star Sarah Brown (Katherine). Photo courtesy Bella Productions

Sometime we associate a certain place or object with an important past event. Like how David Spritz (Nicolas Cage) in the 2005 film The Weather Man associates tartar sauce with the break up of his marriage. Spritz forgot to ask for tartar sauce when he picked up dinner one night which lead to a huge fight with his wife. If only he had remember the tartar sauce.  A painting is Katherine’s tartar sauce.

Katherine is at her office when she begins to think about a painting she had bought Sara when they were still dating. It was Sara’s birthday and they are on holiday. Sara had fell in love with a painting she had seen in a gallery the previous year and talked about it the whole car ride. Katherine bought the painting for Sara’s birthday present.

However when they get home, Sara isn’t sure why she wanted the painting anymore. “I’m not so sure about this painting,” she told Katherine after hanging up on the wall.

Katherine then surprises Sara with the news that Senator Preston has asked her to work for him on his campaign.  He wants her to run for his old seat after the campaign is done. Katherine sees it as a great opportunity and feels it would be important to have a lesbian in Senate.

Sara doesn’t share Katherine’s excitement. The couple was planning to go to New York where Sara had gotten an internship at a magazine. Katherine suggests that Sara go to New York alone while she works on the campaign. Sara thinks that her grandfather is up to something and angrily walks out.

Was Senator Preston trying to break them up? If so why? Is he not supportive of Sara’s lifestyle? Did he not like that Katherine’s father is a Republican? I have a feeling that there is a family secret yet to be revealed.

Where You Can Watch

Beacon Hill can be watched on their website The series is available by subscribing only at the reasonable price of $9.99. Watch this episode and hit the comments to share your thoughts!

Jenn Bishop
Jenn Bishop was TVSource Magazine's Soap Editor. She's a thirty-something fan girl of soapy television and anything involving Joss Whedon. She began sharing her views on daytime soaps in 2012 with her blog Save Our Suds. A former philosophy major, she loves discussing different view points with fellow TV addicts and aficionados. When not watching television, she enjoys art, live music, exploring the Midwest food scene, and drinking too many lattes. Follow her on Twitter at @SourceJenn.

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