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DeVanity: Season 4, Episode 4 Recap – Son of a Bitch!

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This season’s fourth episode of DeVanity ushers the return of Jason’s biological family. Jason and Scarlett come home to find that Portia has brought them a new house guest, Preston Regis. Portia informs them that she has divorced Preston and has married to Andrew. Now she is Jason’s sister-in-law (again) instead of his stepmother.

Andrew has kicked Preston out of the house leaving him with nowhere else to go. Jason, who has always been loyal to his family, is disgusted by Andrew’s behavior and confronts him. Andrew says he will only take Preston off his hands if Jason gets back the 51 percent of Regis that he sold and that he thinks “Portia is the kind of sicko he could grow old with.” Andrew then goats Jason with comments about Lara’s death which leads to a pool fight.

Jason asks Andrew if knows who Monica Kane and if he raped her. Andrews remembers her and that it’s not his fault if she didn’t have a good time. “She’s coming for you. I hope you’re ready,” Jason warns him before leaving.

Vivian Price

Photo Credit: Caruso Productions

Photo Credit: Caruso Productions

Back at Jason’s house, Preston is reading “Crimes Against Civility” by Richard Simms when Vivian Price (Andrea Evans) appears. Vivian is Jason’s mother. She angrily confronts Preston for not leaving his wife for her. Preston says he loved Vivian and couldn’t leave his wife for fear that she would take his son Andrew away. “We were all casualties, you, me, and Jason,” Preston reasons.

Preston’s declaration of love does nothing to sway the bitterness that Vivian feels. She claims that she gave Jason away because she couldn’t stand the idea of him seeing the pain in her eyes. She didn’t want to have to eventually tell Jason that his father chose another family. She tells Preston that she was the one who bought Jason’s shares of Regis and that she wanted to give them to Jason. She wants revenge.

Jason has overheard the whole conversation. He is cold to the mother who had abandoned him. He tells his parents that ” only one thing that can generate that much hate, love.” After telling Vivian that she “has no concept how to fight dirty like a grown up,” Jason takes the shares of Regis.

To find out what else happens watch the latest episode of DeVanity at and hit the comments to share your thoughts.

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