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‘Beacon Hill’ Series Premiere Review – ‘Going Back’

"Beacon Hill" stars Alicia Minshew (Sara) and Sarah Brown (Katherine). Photo courtesy Bella Productions

The web series Beacon Hill made its premiere this week with the episode “Going Back.” The series focuses on the interpersonal relationships of reporter Sara Preston (Alicia Minshew). These relationships include her estranged family, her current girlfriend Diane (Jessica Morris), and the ex-girlfriend she can’t seem to get out of her system Katherine (Sarah Brown).

The episode begins with Sara and Diane getting reading for a date when Sara gets a called from her boss Martin. Her grandfather, Senator William Preston (Ron Raines), has had a stroke and Martin wants her to see what she can find out. In other words, he wants her to see what dirt she can dig up on her own family.

I get the feeling that Sara hasn’t been back home to Boston for a while. She mentions that she isn’t close with her mother, noting she didn’t even know she could text when she gets a message from her. The awkward family relations may not be the only reason why Sara left Boston. Sara’s ex Katherine works in Senator Preston’s district.

Sara’s feelings towards her ex are somewhat conflicted. She wants to avoid her and yet kind of hopes to see her again while she is home. Diane also seems nervous that Sara will run into Katherine. Could Katherine be the one that got away?

When Sara gets into her car to leave, she immediately starts thinking of Katherine. She flashes back to an intimate moment between the two and it is obvious that they were both very much in love. Sara was even willing to overlook the fact that Katherine is a Yankees fan. I wonder what happened between the two to cause them to split. Perhaps the Red Sox and Yankees weren’t the only opposing sides the ladies were on.

“Going Back” not only refers to Sara’s going back to Boston but also to her mind going to those moments she had with Katherine. Will her heart go back too?

Here are some things that stood out:


The series has great cinematography. There are some nice outdoor shots that show off the beauty of Boston while giving the audience a distinct feel for the setting. I suspect as the series moves forward Boston could become like a main character as New York City did for Sex and the City.


While not a lot has been learned about Katherine yet, I am very intrigued by her character. At first glimpse, she appears to be ambitious and very career driven. When her chief of staff Andrew (Ricky Paull Goldin) suggests that she go after Senator Preston’s seat, she at first seems enticed by the idea but something in her demeanor changes the moment he leaves the room. I wonder if there is something that could be holding her back and if that something could be regret over her failed relationship with Sara. I can’t wait to find out the rest of her story.

The Music

I really like the music in Beacon Hill. Music Supervisor Paul Antonelli has done an amazing job scoring the series with music that fits in well with its landscape. For those unfamiliar with Antonelli’s work, he is currently working on The Young and The Restless, Days of Our Lives, Venice, and The Grove.

Beacon Hill also has a very catchy theme song, “Black Snow” by AM r0de0. You’ll be singing the lyrics to it for days.

Where You Can Watch

Beacon Hill can be watched on their website The series is available by subscribing only at the reasonable price of $9.99. That’s less that it costs for a pizza. Watch the first episode and hit the comments to share your thoughts!

Jenn Bishop
Jenn Bishop was TVSource Magazine's Soap Editor. She's a thirty-something fan girl of soapy television and anything involving Joss Whedon. She began sharing her views on daytime soaps in 2012 with her blog Save Our Suds. A former philosophy major, she loves discussing different view points with fellow TV addicts and aficionados. When not watching television, she enjoys art, live music, exploring the Midwest food scene, and drinking too many lattes. Follow her on Twitter at @SourceJenn.

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