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DeVanity Series Finale – Farewell My Concubine

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Diamonds are forever but sadly DeVanity is not. For four seasons, the hit web series has dazzled us with it’s beautiful filth but the time has come to say goodbye. With this week’s series finale, its fans bid it a found farewell — and series such as Devanity of course must go out with a bang. This, is the DeVanity series finale.

[warning]*****Warning! This article includes some major spoilers. We strongly advise that you watch the episode before reading*****[/warning]

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[warning]*****Warning! This article includes some major spoilers. We strongly advise that you watch the episode before reading*****[/warning]

After a disastrous engagement party, Jason comforts Bianca. He tells her that even though Tristan may have a scandalous past that doesn’t mean she should give up on him. In fact Tristan’s brief career in gay porn makes him more like one of the family. “When you’re a DeVanity someone’s always getting screwed and someone’s always paying for it,” Jason reminds Bianca.

Bianca decides that she loves Tristan no matter what he did in the past and the couple reunites. Jason tells Bianca that they are all going to have a fresh start. Tristan will fill her in on the details.

Later that night Jason catches Preston sneaking out. Preston tells Jason that he going to Las Vegas to be with Andrew now that he has overstayed his welcome. He tells Jason that the one thing they have in common is their instinct to see the honesty in their deception. He did love Jason’s mother. The show that Jason had witnessed between Preston and the actress he hired was taken directly from the last fight he had with her a year before she died.

Preston says that he hates Jason because he represents a part of himself that he lost and will never get back. “You have your mother’s eyes. I don’t even have a photograph.” Preston makes it clear that they will remain enemies.

Jason responds by telling Preston what he just came from the Regis home. Jason had found Scarlett standing the pool. She’s waiting for Portia to kill Andrew. He asks her to leave with him and forget about the revenge. She says she can’t love him the way he loves her.

Photo Credit: Caruso Productions

Photo Credit: Caruso Productions

Jason presents Scarlett with the last necklace that his father ever made. As he leans in for a kiss, a shot is fired. Portia walks out of the house with a gun in her hand and proclaims that she has just killed Andrew. Scarlett takes the gun away and shots Portia with it.

“Who really killed Lara?” Jason asks her.  Scarlett admits that she killed Lara not Andrew. Portia then stands up. The gun was filled with blanks.

Jason found out that Scarlett was the one who had murdered Lara and the tables have now turned. Tristan emerges from the bushes. He’s not Scarlett’s real brother. He’s a recovering drug addict that she hired to pretend to be her brother. He told Jason and Portia everything.

Avenging her sister’s death was a excuse. Scarlett was really after DeVanity.  She wanted to step out from her father’s shadow and have something of her own. Though she loved her sister, greed was her main motivation.

Unfortunately for Scarlett, Jason laced the necklace with poison. She takes a final gasp and falls into the pool. Her death felt like a shout out to Kristin Shepard’s death on Dallas. From the white evening gown to the way she was found facedown in the pool by Preston’s co-conspirer.

Preston leaves Jason will some curious parting words. “What you consider an end I consider just the beginning and I suspect we’ll meet again sooner than you imagine.”

Jason never finds out who has been helping Preston conspire against him but the audience does. To find out how it all ends, watch DeVanity at and hit the comments to share your thoughts.

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