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5 Reasons You Should Give British Soap ‘Hollyoaks’ a Chance

"Hollyoaks" title card courtesy Lime Pictures/Channel 4

Soap fans in the United States were treated to a brilliant surprise from the wonderful folks at Hulu last weekend when, to the delight of many, the online network announced that they acquired the rights to broadcast episodes of the hit British soap opera Hollyoaks for an American audience.

For years myself, and other members of the TVSource Magazine team, have been pushing for Hulu or another network to pick up the rights to Hollyoaks (and the other British/Australian/New Zealand soaps), so to finally have it happen is amazing. We’re so most of you have probably never heard of Hollyoaks, but I thought I’d take a moment to lay out five quintessential reasons why you should give this show a shot.

Since premiere in 1995, Hollyoaks, with its focus on strong issue driven storytelling, is a bold, exciting, unapologetic venture into brilliant character drama.

Airing five days a week, the show reaches a wide demographic, pulling in family audiences as well as teens and adults as the series showcases the lives and loves of the residents and families of a small village just outside Chester.

Over the years, Hollyoaks earned a reputation as a British drama that creates gripping and often ground breaking storylines. The series isn’t afraid to tackle taboo subjects, often drawing the ire of groups protesting their storylines. The producers pen epic romances, friendships and adventures around social issues such as drug abuse, teen pregnancy, abortion, domestic abuse, rape, infant death, addiction and more.

Johnathon K.
Johnathon K. is a staff writer for TV Source Magazine. With a love of soaps, the Super Sentai Series and gaming, John's passion comes through in his writing and as a featured host of the TV Source Podcast, where he also serves as producer. In 2019, John launched his own podcast series "Our Take Media" which gives his take on various things in TV from soaps to reality television.

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