‘The Face’ Review: Naomi Loses Her Cool While Team Anne V Snatches Second Win

THE FACE -- "Sell, Sell, Sell!" Episode 204 -- Pictured: Supermodel Coaches Naomi and Anne V -- (Photo by: Steve Fenn/Oxygen)

On last week’s The Face, the heat was on between the three teams to seal a win during a campaign featuring designs by Pamella Roland, in which a runway show was conducted on top of a banquet table.  In the end, it was Anne V and her girls that won the competition, forcing both Naomi Campbell and Lydia Hearst to choose a girl each from their team for elimination.  In that elimination, it was outspoken model, Kira Dikhtyar up against that of soft spoken Ray Clanton.  Ray, who admitted that she failed miserably at perfecting her runway way, proved to Anne that she deserved another chance, which sent Naomi’s Kira into fits of tears to the point where Naomi herself went into the elimination room to console her.

Anne’s Choice Sets Naomi Off

Last night’s episode, “Sell, Sell, Sell,” picked up where it left off: with the reveal to the rest of the teams who would be returning from the elimination.  When all saw that Anne sent Ray back from the elimination room, some jaws dropped, mainly Naomi’s who was out one team member. The minute Naomi saw Anne return to the room, she pounced, wanting answers as to why Kira had to go home, rather than Ray, who was up for elimination two times in a row.   I loved that Anne didn’t back down in her decision, nor back down to Naomi’s demanding to know ‘why’.  Despite Anne trying to give her reasoning, Naomi shut her down, taking her girls back to their rooms for the night.

So Long Test Shoots, Hello Intense Campaigns

Host Nigel Barker (he’s an amazing Twitter-er with the viewers each night) shared a new, yet obvious twist for the upcoming challenges for the remaining girls: there would be no more test shoots, but full on campaigns to do and perfect.   To start them out, Nigel introduced the girls to Giovanni Feroce, the CEO of Alex and Ani, to talk about a 30 second commercial campaign representing their charm bracelets.  In the campaign, Giovanni stressed that the focus was to be on the core values of their product, which was peace, love and positive energy.  Nigel, meanwhile pointed out that during the commercial shoot, they ladies needed also to focus on being knowledgeable, be able to have a good delivery of the product and lastly give the commercial some creativity.  The winner of the commercial will have their commercial go live for Alex and Ani.

The Girls Feel the Heat from Tense Naomi

Naomi stressed to her girls that it was important that they all get the designer’s name right.  To me, usually when one stresses the importance of not muffing up a person’s name, the opposite always happens.  Afiya, despite practice couldn’t get Carloyn Rafaelian’s last name correct.  While Naomi’s team struggled, Team Lydia’s team wanted to simply focus on making the commercial as easy as possible, without the use of complex dialogue for themselves.  Meanwhile, Team Anne wanted to make the commercial acknowledge each girl’s diversity.

I think the person that struggled the most during the filming of the campaign was Allison from Team Lydia.   It’ a shame because at the start of their filming, she was pretty good, but each time they cut to start over, her confidence slowly declined.  While Alison was struggling, it seemed that Ray, who didn’t want to be in the elimination room again, perfected and improved in the campaign.   Ray is slowly growing on me, so I was glad to see improvements in her.

Naomi had a complete meltdown due to a lot of things.  Afiya continued to struggle with the last name Rafaelian, while Felicia and Alana struggled with their lines.  The more they messed up, the more frustrated Naomi got.  I felt so bad for those girls because the more Naomi screamed at them, the more they continued to mess up.

Anne’s team did a stellar with their campaign.  They didn’t have as many takes to do and their energy seemed to flow naturally for all of them.  The only drawback of their campaign is that none of the girls mentioned the name of the designer.  They were more focused on the diversity of each of them and pinpointing on that in order to give a great commercial.

THE FACE -- "Sell, Sell, Sell!" Episode 204 -- Pictured: The modeltestants wait to hear their next challenge -- (Photo by: Steve Fenn/Oxygen)

THE FACE — “Sell, Sell, Sell!” Episode 204 — Pictured: The modeltestants wait to hear their next challenge — (Photo by: Steve Fenn/Oxygen)

And the Winner Is?

After the commercials were viewed it was time for both Nigel and Giovanni to discuss who gave the best commercial.  I didn’t agree that Lydia had a great campaign commercial.  Alison was pretty much rushing through her lines and they sounded insincere to me.  The only stand out from Team Lydia was Ray, who improved a great deal from last week.  Giovanni was correct in saying that Naomi’s team failed to even pronounce Carolyn Rafaelian.  As much as I love me some Naomi (and I do love me some Naomi), I thought it was a tad shady of her to trying to toss Anne’s team in the mix about never mention the name of the designer.  Yes, Anne’s girls didn’t mention the name, and yes some of the knowledge was missed, but Anne’s commercial was solid and felt more natural.  Therefore, it was clear that Anne’s team deserved their win.

Elimination Time Has One Believing She’s Disliked

Naomi and Lydia both had a hard time deciding who should be sent to the elimination room.  Naomi’s decision not to send Afiya in set off Alana, who felt that she was the key person that messed up the commercial due to mispronouncing the name Rafaelian.  I didn’t agree with Naomi sending Alana instead of Afiya. As for Lydia, she knew that Alison was the one that was the weakest, so it was spot on in putting her up for elimination.   Alison didn’t show much enthusiasm doing her portion of the campaign and I think that was because she was so focused on what Anne and Naomi were talking about.

It was clear that Anne was puzzled that Naomi didn’t put Afiya up, considering she was the major factor of the team’s loss.  I felt that Alison’s reasons to Anne as to why she wasn’t at the best was a cop out and a way to shift a little bit of the blame.  Despite her reasoning for wanting to be in the one to get saved, Alana was still sent home.  All I can say it is going to be interesting to see what Naomi says or does when she faces Anne again.

Next week the girls will have a campaign in which they will be doing a viral video.  Make sure to check out the next episode of The Face.

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