‘Once Upon a Time’ Photo Preview: ‘Quiet Minds’ Brings Neal Back to Storybrooke

ABC/Jack Rowand

When Once Upon a Time returned from its winter hiatus, there were two noticeable absences in the newly reformed Storybrooke. Rumplestiltskin, who everyone believed was dead, and his son Neal, who no one had seen since the new curse took away memories of the past year.

Rumple has already returned, alive and not so well, in the custody of the Wicked Witch. But Neal’s whereabouts have remained a mystery until now. “Quiet Minds” finds Neal back in Storybrooke – and that’s as much as we know. Where has he been? What kind of shape is he in?

The photos released by ABC give nothing away, but the episode description tells us that Neal is concerned about reconnecting with Henry and getting his son’s memories back. He’s also desperate to find his father after learning that he’s alive. Again, we can’t help wondering where Neal has been, why he’s back now and what the flashbacks will tell us about his past year and his partnership with Belle.

Meanwhile, the photos do show us Zelena continuing to get close to Snow and her baby. What is the witch planning? And why do Emma and Snow look so upset in some of the other photos?

Check out the full gallery below and then hit the comments and share your thoughts and theories with us! Are you looking forward to the episode?

Once Upon a Time airs Sunday, March 30 at 8/7c on ABC.