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‘Beacon Hill’ Series Review – ‘Alliances’ and ‘Discretion’

“Beacon Hill” star Crystal Chappell as Claire Preston. Photo courtesy of Bella Productions.

In a previous episode of Beacon Hill, we met local coffeehouse owners Emily and Louise. The ladies were good friends with Katherine and “Alliances” features their friendship with Sara.

Sara visits Emily and Louise at their coffeehouse. They are thrilled to see her in a way that only old friends would be. She obviously frequented the spot with Katherine when they dated. I hope later Emily and Louise do some match making and help Sara and Katherine reunite.

Back at Katherine’s office, Andrew is thrilled about Katherine being eyed as Senator Preston’s successor. To his disappointment though Katherine says she is content with her current position and hasn’t made up her mind yet. Andrew leaves the office in a huff and calls someone on his cell phone. “Yeah…we have a problem,” he tells the voice on the other end.

Claire Preston

The beginning of “Discretion” starts with Claire sitting on a park bench. When a man named Collins sits next to her. Claire slides an envelope to Collins and says he must be discreet. “No one must know about this,” she warns. They agree to be in touch.

Later when Claire is back home, she is drinking and looking through a memory box at pictures and papers. It’s clear she is hiding something. What is her secret?

I suspect that there might be some skeletons in the Preston family closet. While Claire may hold the key to Pandora’s box, it is hinted that Senator Preston may be at the center of whatever scandal is being hidden.  “Do you ever wonder what makes mom so crazy?” ponders Sara. ” No but we know why she is the way she is,” Eric responds as he points upstairs towards their grandfather’s room.

The Ulterior Motive

Turns out the mysterious person who Andrew called was Senator Preston (Ron Raines). “Did she take the bait?” the Senator asks.  “Not Yet,” responds Andrew. I assume they are talking about Katherine.

Senator Preston is not happy with Andrew’s response and delivers a veiled threat. “You know what happens to people who disappoint me?” Something tells me crossing Senator Preston is not a good idea.

Later Eric and Sara do some catching up in the newly redecorated family living room. Eric says Senator Preston knows she’s there and is just wait for her to come up and see him. “I swore when I left here I would only come back to see him buried.” Ouch! What happened?

Sara asks why the Senator picked Katherine to succeed him. Eric says she is qualified and asks why she wants to know. Sara says she is just curious. “Who you trying to convince me or you?”-Eric

As more pieces to the puzzle are given, I can’t help but feel that there is a lot more to Sara and Katherine’s break up then even they realize. I can’t wait to find out what actually did happen and why.

Where You Can Watch

Beacon Hill can be watched on their website The series is available by subscribing only at the reasonable price of $9.99. Watch the series and hit the comments to share your thoughts!

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