Days of our Lives Preview: April 28 Edition

Thanks to Nick's (Blake Berris) interference, Will (Guy Wilson) freaks out when he reads a draft of Gabi's (Camila Banus) custody agreement for Arianna. Photo Credit: NBC

This week on Days of our Lives, Will freaks out when he reads a draft of Gabi’s custody agreement for Arianna; Liam holds Jennifer and later Nicole hostage at the Horton Cabin; Sparks fly between Ben and Abigail and EJ confronts his blackmailer.  Get a sneak peek at what happens in Salem in our Days of our Lives preview for April 28, 2014.

Days of our Lives Preview: The Pending Custody Battle

Gabi’s decision to leave town was bound to cause tension, especially when she made it clear she wanted to take Arianna with her. Will is furious when he receives the draft proposal of the custody agreement, which stipulates certain limitations in his access to his daughter. Will updates Sonny on the newest developments but Sonny knows there’s more to this than just Gabi. He deduces that Nick is behind this latest stunt, but it’s solidified when they learn about the next part of his scheme. Worried that Gabi will once again fall prey to Nick’s manipulations, Will and Sonny strategize how to counter Nick’s next move. When Sami learns of Will and Sonny’s problems with Nick and Gabi, she decides to reach out to Abigail for help. Is Sami setting into motion an event she’ll regret?

Also This Week

Monday – Jennifer’s stunned when Liam reveals his true colors; Abigail questions Ben’s intense overreactions; Jordan admits to Rafe that she is in love with him; Will gets upset when he reads a draft of Gabi’s custody agreement for Arianna.

Tuesday – Nicole races to Smith Island; Daniel makes a startling discovery at his apartment; a desperate Theresa makes a surprising confession; sparks fly between Abigail and Ben.

Wednesday – Daniel and Eric take off to find Jennifer; Nicole and Jennifer fight to escape from Liam; EJ receives new evidence to help him determine who sent the incriminating photo of him and Abigail; Ciara has a tempting proposition for Aiden.

Thursday – The perilous situation on Smith Island concludes; Paige confronts JJ while he’s on a date with Bev; Theresa fears her role in Liam’s reign of terror is about to be exposed.

Friday – EJ confronts the person who took the incriminating photo; Kate drops a bomb on Jordan; Will panics when he senses Gabi might give in to Nick’s outrageous plan; Sami reaches out to Abigail for help with Nick.

Source Sneak Peek: May 5, 2014

Nick and Will have a violent confrontation. The tension between Jordan and Kate reaches a feverish pitch – leading to a huge catfight! Salem is rocked when a major character is shot in cold blood!