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General Hospital Preview: April 14 Edition

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This week on General Hospital, Michael’s determination to find AJ’s murderer leads to increased anxiety for Sonny. Who will he turn to in his time of need? Also: Spencer wants to warn Sonny about the danger Luke poses; Elizabeth receives an offer from Nikolas; Dante and Lulu are in for a shock; and Ned Ashton returns to Port Charles! Get the scoop on what goes down this week in Port Charles in our General Hospital preview for the week of April 14, 2014.

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General Hospital Preview: Weight of the World
Frustrated by the lack of progress regarding AJ’s murder investigation, an angry Michael demands answers from PCPD Chief Anna Devane. Meanwhile, Sonny’s guilty conscious grows in the aftermath of AJ’s death. When Michael tells him the police might have a suspect in mind, Sonny worries he’ll be exposed. Olivia tries to help Sonny during his erratic state but ends up on the receiving end of a classic Sonny tirade! With no other recourse, Sonny believes there’s only one person he can trust. Will the weight of Sonny’s deceit lead to his destruction?

Meanwhile, Anna and Dante zero in on Carlos as a person of interest in AJ’s murder, taking him in for questioning. As the two come up with a way to get the information they need, Carlos feels pressured to reveal what he knows, much to Ava’s chagrin. Can Ava get to Carlos before he implicates her in AJ’s murder?

Obstruction, thy name is Ned (Ashton)
Luke’s plan to re-wed Tracy and get his hands into ELQ hits a snag this week when Tracy’s son Ned (Wally Kurth) returns to Port Charles! Ned is surprised to learn of his mother’s engagement to Luke and makes clear is objections to their upcoming union. By week’s end, Ned will see that Luke’s recent personality shift is made him more of a threat than ever before. How will Luke react when he overhears Ned warning his mother against marrying him?

Also This Week

  • Dante tells Lulu about the bombshell Obrecht dropped on him.
  • Franco and Carly devise a plan to get the goods on Ava.
  • Patrick is irked when Carlos shows up uninvited to Sabrina’s doctor’s appointment. Later, Patrick and Sabrina learn the sex of their baby.
  • Ava and Morgan have a discussion about their exes. Is their relationship heading for the rocks?
  • Madeline reveals scandalous news to Nathan.
  • Britt is jealous when she sees the lengths Nikolas will go to protect Elizabeth.
  • Will Elizabeth accept Nikolas’ offer?
  • Ava and Julian confront each other over their recent betrayals.
  • Lulu asks Britt’s advice about Obrecht’s newest twist.
  • Jordan and Shawn clash over her association with the Jeromes.
  • Duke has new intel for Shawn about the Jeromes. Shawn reveals Jordan’s past.
  • Spencer is miffed when he learns that due to recent developments, he’ll be seeing a lot more of Cameron.

Source Sneak Peek: April 21, 2014 Edition
Nikolas and Elizabeth share an emotional moment that’s interrupted by Ric, who makes it clear he will fight for Elizabeth’s affection. Morgan faces the ultimate betrayal from Sonny.

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