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‘Once Upon a Time’ Photo Preview: What is Zelena’s Endgame?

ABC/Jack Rowand

Zelena has been living up to her wicked name on Once Upon a Time. She’s cursed the town, kidnapped Rumple, stolen Charming’s courage and corrupted Hook’s love for Emma. What’s next for the Wicked Witch?

ABC has released the first details and photos for the upcoming episode, “Bleeding Through.” It looks like Zelena is going to complete the next step of her plan when she gets her hand on Regina’s heart. But aside from the Oz references, why exactly is Zelena collecting all of these things and what is her interest in Snow’s baby?

Belle might have at least one answer when she stumbles upon Zelena’s endgame. But once Zelena gets Regina’s heart, the evil queen comes up with a plan of her own to learn more about her sister: she wants to contact her dead mother and find out why Cora gave up Zelena.

We’re also going to see things from young Cora’s perspective through flashbacks. According to ABC’s description, Cora meets a man who pretends to be a prince. When she finds out he’s not, she’s already pregnant and alone and then she gets her chance at royalty – as long as no one discovers her secret. It certainly sounds like Cora made a selfish choice and got rid of Zelena so she could have the wealth she always wanted.

Then there are the pictures that we didn’t really ever want to see: Rumple and Zelena sharing what looks like a romantic dinner and some kisses. We know better than to think that Rumple would ever willingly choose to be with her so the question is whether or not she’s controlling him or he’s hoping to distract her long enough to get his hands on his dagger. We’re betting on the latter and judging by the pictures, Rumple’s plan doesn’t work out too well.

Check out the gallery below and then hit the comments and share your thoughts and theories with us. Are you looking forward to the episode?

Once Upon a Time airs Sunday, April 20 at 8/7c on ABC.

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