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‘The Originals’ Review: Secrets Poison Peace in ‘The Big Uneasy’

Annette Brown/The CW

Before The Originals went on hiatus, Elijah had brought all the various supernatural and human factions of the French Quarter together to sign a peace treaty. It was supposed to end the war, but it was doomed from the start – Klaus was making secret deals behind his brother’s back and Marcel was determined to topple the Mikaelson family for ruining his life.

Last night the show returned and we got to see the fallout of the treaty failure in “The Big Uneasy.” The pretense of peace was upheld long enough for Genevieve to ask Elijah to let the witches have a party, The Feast of the Blessings, where they got to put on a show for the city and people brought them gifts. That’s a pretty sweet deal for witches that were out to destroy everyone else, but Elijah granted Gen’s wish and went around to all of the factions to make sure that everyone fell in line.

Naturally, the evening was built on a powder keg because when has a party on a supernatural show ever gone according to plan? Secret alliances came to light, relationships were shattered, new alliances were formed and then ruined, apologies were made and rejected and by the end of the episode, hardly anyone was happy. So basically it was a typical night with the Mikaelson family – if you’re looking for fun and lightheartedness, this probably isn’t the show for you.

But for those of us that love the dark and twisty and enjoy not being able to take a breath for an entire hour, this was another fantastic episode. The story seems to be moving at a slow pace, but when you really look at it, each week is like a new chess move – carefully thought out and manipulated as the series builds toward the first season finale, which is pretty much guaranteed to take everything we think we know and love about the show and turn it on its ear.

So let’s talk seven key things from the episode in no particular order because let’s face it – everything is important as we try to fit the pieces of the puzzle together.

Annette Brown/The CW

Annette Brown/The CW

7. Cami tries to bargain with Genevieve

Desperate to save her uncle and smart enough not to trust anyone else to help her, Cami crashed the party to offer Gen a gift. She basically laid her heart out for the witch and appealed to her human side with a pretty vintage accessory from her era that Cami thought would go nicely with her red hair. As always, Leah Pipes was flawless in this moment as she allowed to Cami to be at her most vulnerable in front of a powerful enemy.

It also did the trick because Gen told her that maybe there was something she could do to lift the hex after all. This was a short scene, but I really loved it because it was a rare moment of someone being completely genuine and just asking for what she wants instead of trying to manipulate the situation.

6. Klaus offers Davina a gift

The other witches continue to torment Davina because Monique (the worst) doesn’t think Davina has suffered enough and Gen seems to enjoy hurting Davina as well so when it was time for people to offer the blessings, no one was allowed to give Davina any. The teenage witch had enough and was about to exit stage left with Josh when Klaus arrived. He reminded Josh that he could execute him at any moment because of his past actions, but instead, he pardons Josh and promises him that he has nothing to fear from him.

Davina still isn’t impressed with Klaus, but he seemed to take it pretty well. It’s nice to see Klaus trying to make amends, but at the same time, does anyone really believe that this is a selfless act? He needs a witch on his side, especially if he’s going to carry out his plan with the wolves and replicate the moonlight ring, and Davina would be the perfect choice because Klaus sees her as someone he can control. What was in the box? The ingredients for a daylight ring for Josh – naturally Davina and Josh were thrilled, but neither of them was anywhere close to being ready to bend to Klaus’ will.

5. Genevieve and Klaus’ partnership implodes

It was fun to watch characters like Elijah and Cami express their disgust for Gen and Klaus’ intimate bonding (it’s too bad Rebekah isn’t around to share her feelings on the subject) because let’s face it: these two are toxic and they’re using each other, but it was working for them because the sex was good and they didn’t trust the other one at all, which was smart. The ancestors told Monique it was time for Gen to die so they could complete the reaping, but Gen had one last trick up her sleeve. She wanted to get Esther’s spell book for the younger witches.

But Klaus was not about to let that happen. Genevieve sent a minion to steal it during the festival and Klaus was at the compound waiting. After his speech to Davina, Klaus offered Gen a gift – a box with the guy’s hands in it. I like Klaus’ flair for the dramatic (it’s a Mikaelson thing) so I was impressed that he was 10 steps ahead of the witch, but unfortunately, it had some unexpected consequences. While Klaus had no problem parting ways with her (he’d miss the sex), Gen had one last card to play – she told Klaus that she’d cost him and Cami the chance to save Kieran and oh by the way, Cami’s been sleeping with Marcel (Ouch).

Annette Brown/The CW

Annette Brown/The CW

4. Romance is not in the cards for anyone

So remember what I said earlier about this not being a light, happy show? There’s no better indication of that than the messy romantic entanglements that are each trying to outdo the other on the angst chart. Elijah stepped up to warn Hayley that she shouldn’t trust her fellow wolves and that led to her learning the truth about their deal with Klaus. She wasn’t happy because she doesn’t trust Klaus, but after things went to hell at the party, she agreed that he might be their only option – something she didn’t mention to Elijah. Of course he hasn’t mentioned that he’s been keeping an eye on her in the bayou along with Eve and even though he wants to be with Hayley, Elijah sees how happy she is and that’s all that matters to him. But we all know that happiness is not going to last because the war is not going to end any time soon.

Klaus went to apologize to Cami for ruining her chances at finding a cure for Kieran. Like Cami’s scene with Gen, this was a great moment for Klaus because he was being sincere. He’d screwed up with Genevieve and it was going to cost Kieran his sanity and life. Klaus felt bad and he wanted Cami to know that, but in typical Klaus fashion, he took it a step too far when he got angry at her for sleeping with Marcel and threatened to kill him. Cami and Klaus almost shared a kiss and the chemistry was palpable before Klaus stormed off in a huff. One of the reasons I love this show is because these characters wouldn’t know what to do with happiness if it slapped them in the face and they seem to feed on that. And so does the audience because we keep watching and hoping that glimmer of romance is coming, even though we know it’s absolutely not happening for anyone right now.

3. Elijah makes Marcel pay for violating the rules

Things were tense at the party to begin with and Marcel sent along a gift of his own – a band that had been compelled to cut their wrists. All the vampires lost it and Elijah tried to calm them down, but then someone turned off the lights and all hell broke loose. Hayley was caught in the middle and that was the final straw for Elijah. He went to Marcel in full BAMF mode and tossed Thierry around before he got in Marcel’s face and reminded him that he’d been warned. Marcel was not impressed because he knew Elijah wouldn’t kill him because Klaus wouldn’t like that and he also let it slip that Klaus had a secret deal with the werewolves.

Elijah just gave Marcel a look and asked him if he knew him at all and then he shoved his hand in his chest and when Thierry rushed over, Elijah reached into his chest at the same time. He kept his eyes on Marcel, who was finally starting to panic and then Elijah reminded Marcel this was his fault and then he yanked out Thierry’s heart, held it up to Marcel’s face and made it clear that he lived and died by his rules. Daniel Gillies is always amazing, but he’s never better than when he’s calmly ripping out hearts and threatening people without ever raising his voice. Elijah might be a noble, sharp-dressed man, but he’s also the oldest living vampire and people need to learn not to mess with him or those he cares about ever.

2. Elijah washes his hands of Klaus’ redemption

I have a bone to pick with The CW. This scene between Elijah and Klaus was one of the best ever that the two have shared, and that’s saying something, but we all knew it was coming because the preview was released last month. Now we can argue that it’s my own fault for watching a spoiler video and I will accept my share of the blame, but what was the network thinking releasing such an important scene? I don’t approve. Anyway, that didn’t take away from my complete enjoyment of the moment because it’s been a long time coming.

Look, it’s no secret that I favor Elijah. He’s my favorite, always has been, always will be, but I love Klaus too and more than anything, I want them to be on the same side. Of course that’s not going to happen, at least not for long, because this is a TV show and there needs to be conflict. But I’m tired of Klaus blaming Elijah for his problems. Why should Elijah trust him when Klaus continues to go behind his back? Why couldn’t Klaus go to his big brother and tell him that he wanted to help the werewolves all along? Elijah would have backed him up and been proud of Klaus for wanting to do the right thing.

That being said, Elijah is not innocent here either. He’s been cleaning up Klaus’ messes for years instead of letting Klaus grow up and handle his own problems. Elijah feels guilty for what happened when they were kids and Klaus takes advantage of that. But Elijah isn’t letting Klaus have a chance to prove himself because he’s always there taking the reins. I think Elijah needs to stick to his guns on this and let Klaus deal his own hand and see how that works out for him. Then they should make up because they’re better together (always and forever).

1. Rebellions grow against the Originals

First, let’s start with Marcel. He gave Thierry a memorial service, even though he was the only one there. Once again, I found myself getting swept up in Charles Michael Davis’ performance. I really dislike Marcel. He hurt Rebekah. He hates Elijah. He’s always going against Klaus. But Davis is amazing and he pulls me in every single time to the point that I almost want to root for Marcel. I’m not the only one because Diego, Josh and a group of vampires showed up to be part of Marcel’s army against the Originals. Seriously though, are these people dumb? Thierry’s dead body should have been the first clue that this was the losing side, but whatever. I’m going to start a prayer circle for Diego and Josh to survive the season. Please don’t take them from me, show.

Finally, the witches were ready to end Gen’s life again, but suddenly Monique was possessed by the ancestors and there was a new offering: Genevieve could live in exchange for a different sacrifice. The ancestors wanted her to kill Klaus’ baby. I’m sure I’m not the only one who immediately thought that this entire thing screams Esther. Mama Original has to be leading the charge to kill the baby, but the question is why? Does she just want to hurt Klaus or is she worried that Sabine/Celeste’s original prophecy would come true and the baby would mean the end of all witches?

Next week, Cami goes to desperate measures to try and save Kieran and Hayley has an important question for Marcel. Check out the promo and then hit the comments below and share your thoughts and theories with us. Did you enjoy this episode? Who do you think is going to come out victorious?

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