‘The Bay’ Chapter 12 Part 2 Rocks The Boat

Actors Mary Beth Evans and Tristan Rogers. Courtesy of LANY Entertainment

#MayBay continues with Chapter 12 Part 2 of the Emmy-nominated The Bay premiering today, Thursday, May 8th! Catch the debuts of daytime vets Judi Evans as the troubled Katherine Blackwell, Patrika Darbo as the spunky tavern owner Mickey, and Sean Kanan as sly Press Secretary Kenneth Allen. Motion picture actor Bill Cobbs (Night at the Museum, Oz The Great And Powerful) appears as the chief editor Boyd Bloom. Meanwhile, viewer favorites Ignacio Serricchio, Jackie Zeman, and Terri Ivens are back to shake things up! 

Will Mayor Jack Madison’s (Nicolas Coster) secret be exposed? Can Peter Garrett (Kristos Andrews) and Janice Ramos’ (Lilly Melgar) relationship be on the rocks? Does Steve Jensen (Matthew Ashford) catch Lianna Ramos (Jade Harlow) at her most vulnerable? What exactly does Zoey Johnson (Taylor Stanley) know that Nathan Perkins (Scott Bailey) doesn’t? Can Sara Garrett (Mary Beth Evans) trust Lex Martin (Tristan Rogers) with her secret?

Watch The Bay written and directed by Gregori J. Martin now at: http://blip.tv/thebaytheseries/the-bay-chapter-12-part-2-6896185 Use the hashtags #MayBay #TheBay and follow the series on Twitter and Instagram at @TheBaytheSeries.