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‘The Good Wife’ Review: Stop Talking

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Take a client who is a PR nightmare, a pinch of bickering, a splash of backstabbing, and a dab of adorable, add a heavy dose of humor and you have the penultimate episode of The Good Wife, NOT the pie that ruined Alicia Florrick’s snazzy dress. I suffered a sweet blow to my mommy feels, fell in love with Eli Gold and laughed my way through this episode. The tide is turning.

As I assumed, there were indeed quite a few things happening in “The One Percent.” We watched as Alicia put out fire after fire and Diane tried to keep one from starting. In addition to that, we saw Eli deal with new information thrown at him, putting him in awkward positions. Alas, allowing us to see him in a different light.

Eli Gold

When we first see Eli, he’s oddly…chipper. To know Eli, is to know this to be very unlike him. We find out that the reason behind it is that he has received copies of a report that has yet to be released, wherein Finn Polmar’s name is cleared of any wrongdoing in the Jeffrey Grant case. A report that he thinks Alicia should not look at since there is mention of Will’s shooting (Aww…Eli cares). Then he walks in on Peter and an intern. Oh no, not in THAT way (However, as we see at the end of the episode, that may no longer be the case). After threatening the intern to stay away from the governor, Eli has a conversation with Peter that propels him to call Alicia asking if he could talk to her.

Alicia Florrick

The poor woman is dealing with a client who is a public relations nightmare. She suffers the loss of a ruined dress from the pie her client had thrown in his face while standing next to her (I can’t get over that. Also? I want the sweater she wears to cover it up…Just putting that out there). She also has to deal with Louis Canning as a result of her client’s insensitive comments to the media. As well as being perceived as a racist due to a TV interview gone wrong. Sidenote: This woman is badass and can rule the world, in my opinion. But, I still cannot picture her running in any political race. However, if she did? No one will know what hit them.

the-good-wife-521Easily my favorite moment of the episode was Alicia squealing over Zach in his cap and gown. Hit me hard, right in the mommy feels. In case you haven’t noticed, I am a lover of all things family related (Especially those between a mother and her child…if I like them). During this sweet moment, Eli arrives to talk to Alicia and you actually catch him smiling while watching them. When he finds out from her later, the details surrounding her and Peter’s new ‘arrangement’, you realize that Eli really does care about them. If she did not know it already, Alicia realizes it too.

Then Eli forgets who he is dealing with for a minute and upon learning of these photos of Finn leaving her apartment, arrives at Florrick/Agos summoning her to her own office with his death stare. Oh Eli, have you learned nothing these past five years?

“Are you sleeping with Finn Polmar?”

“Ask me another question.”

“I don’t have any other question.”

“Then go to hell.”

Awww…even Eli hangs his head in shame after that. Have no fear. Thankfully, she answers his question and explains why Finn was there (prep for his meeting where she was representing him) and then he apologized for asking. See? Friends.

the-good-wife-521Diane Lockhart

Ugh. She just cannot catch a break, can she? She has a plan in place and tries to get Rayna Hecht to join the firm. During a tryst with Cary, Kalinda learns that Rayna also plans to meet with him and Alicia. When Rayna informs Diane that she has chosen not to join her amidst some things she has heard about her and Lockhart/Gardner, Diane heads over to Florrick/Agos. Breaking my little Flockhart heart, she immediately attacks a very confused Alicia, catching her completely off guard. It’s only after Cary explains to Diane that Rayna didn’t meet with them, instead she left their offices after receiving a call from Canning, does Diane realize what actually happened.

“Canning poisoned the well. At his own firm.”

Then Cary turns into a douchebag and reaffirms my strong dislike for him. While Alicia offered her assistance, he cut her off, reminding her that it wasn’t their fight. Meanwhile, Alicia just wanted to help her friend. I could go on and on about this whole thing here, but I think I’ll wait to see what happens in the finale next week. PS: I want Flockhart to take over the world. That is all.

the-good-wife-521Peter Florrick

The intern and how he acted with her makes me care for him even less. I do not care if you are hurting over what is going on in your marriage or lack thereof, if you have not yet learned that this is not the way to handle it, you never will. I hope he did sleep with her. Give Alicia an easy out. Yea. I said it. However, I must give credit where it is due. Props to you Gov. Florrick for throwing that glass of water in Castro’s face. Even more props for throwing the second one immediately after. Let the record show though, I still do not like you.

Alright folks, next week is the season finale. We know Zach is graduating and that Veronica and Jackie are planning his party together. What else will these genius writers throw at us? I’m looking forward to finding out. Is it Sunday yet?

Let me know your thoughts on this episode by hitting the comment box!

Chrissie Ortiz
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