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‘The Good Wife’ Season 5 Finale Review: Bringing ‘A Weird Year’ to a Close

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And just like that, the ride that was season five of The Good Wife is over with a resounding, “What?” Nope, that was not the fans reacting to the end of the finale. It was none other than Alicia Florrick responding to Eli Gold’s random, but interesting, question.

In the aptly titled finale, “A Weird Year,” the writers effortlessly managed to have viewers on the edge of their seats for the entire episode. So many things were going on at once, making it seem like a regular day in most of our very own lives. Once again, I went through every emotion while watching this episode. I yelled, cheered, laughed and cried. Yes. I cried. That will make more sense by the end of this.

x07After finding out that Lockhart/Gardner did not properly turn off their teleconferencing system, leaving their conversation open to Florrick/Agos, Alicia is faced with a difficult decision. Do they turn it off and let them know? Or do they keep listening? She makes the decision to inform them that their system is still on, only to find out that they are muted. However, the conversation takes a turn that makes Alicia change her mind.

“They just said they’re gonna destroy us in 48 hours. That changes everything.”

The ‘will they or won’t they?’ that has been lingering in the air since Diane and Alicia first spoke about merging comes back into play. In another moment viewed via teleconference, F/A sees Diane, Julius and Kalinda discussing the prospect of merging with their firm. They also see Diane ask Kalinda to use her connection with Cary to try and sway him. To which she agrees. Sucker punch to the gut right there for Agos. He and Alicia step outside to discuss the idea of merging, which turns into an argument in which Alicia reminds Cary that she has the votes to merge.

x08In a move that I am still struggling to wrap my head around, Cary secretly meets with Canning to inform him of Diane’s plans to merge behind his back. Wow. Alicia, turn around. Let me remove that knife for you. Thanks, once again, to the teleconference system, Alicia finds out, leading them to have the mother of all fights in front of the entire firm. EPIC. I mean seriously. Bravo to Julianna Margulies and Matt Czuchry for the delivery of that entire thing. Shout out to Clarke Hayden for trying so hard to bring order to the madness while being the voice of reason for the entire episode.

Over at Lockhart/Gardner, there was a similar battle brewing. Canning and David Lee are busy plotting to vote Diane out. Diane, Julius and Kalinda are plotting to stop it from happening. There is one vote that stands in the way of both parties succeeding: Howard Lyman. It’s always him, isn’t it? Diane’s efforts to convince him to side with her gift us, what I believe is the funniest scene of the episode: Howard deposes Alicia. If anyone can watch that scene without laughing, please go out in search of a funny bone.

In the midst of all of this, Diane receives a phone call from Peter Florrick requesting a meeting with her. Having decided against endorsing Finn Polmar in his campaign for State’s Attorney, he has decided to ask Diane if she would consider running. Obviously still feeling the sting of the whole Supreme Court Justice debacle, Diane was not exactly happy to hear this. When Canning presents her with a notice of dissolution, she has no choice but to make a decision.

x09And here is where my heart starts to race because I know what I want to happen and I think it actually is going to happen, but if I’ve learned anything during this season, it’s that you just never know what’s going to happen on this show. Diane arrives at Florrick/Agos to meet with them. Alicia and Cary start arguing again, making Papa Clarke step in. Then Diane drops her bombshell.

“I’ve come here to ask if you will take me. Me and my 38 million a year in client billing.”

This is when I literally yell “YESSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSS!” out of excitement because that is exactly what I wanted and predicted would happen. Problem is, we do not see what the response is. We are just left to our own assumptions. Mine being that they said, “Hell yes” and season six will be all about Alicia and Diane taking over the world. Please. Don’t pop my bubble. I like it.

x10Meanwhile, while all of this is going on, Zach Florrick is preparing to graduate and his grandmothers are planning his party. Whoever thought it was a good idea to put Jackie Florrick and Veronica Loy in the same room with wine for the season finale is a genius. What brings Jackie to drink, you ask? Veronica taking so much pleasure in being the one to inform her of Alicia and Peter’s “arrangement.” This brought all of the humor to this episode. Between Alicia and Peter’s phone calls about them, Grace’s reaction to seeing them together, Eli’s reaction to a drinking Jackie and Peter having to step in to stop a fight from happening when his mother calls Veronica a bitch, the laughs were nonstop.

As I mentioned, Zach was graduating. Thanks to the chaos of her day, Alicia was running late but made it to his graduation in time to see him walk on stage and receive his diploma. The pride in her teary eyes started my own forming. Zach was supposed to leave the next day to start his summer job at Georgetown (do NOT get me started on how that little tidbit brought on so many feels) causing everyone to ask Alicia how she felt about it, to which she assured them she was fine. After talking with his grandmother and hearing how his own mother left the night of her graduation to avoid the tears she knew would come, he changed his own plans and decided to leave that night. Personally, I would never be ok with my son doing that and maybe Alicia wouldn’t either. However, seeing as he was doing exactly what she did, and she realized that, she let him. I could try to put into words here how that made me feel, but it’s impossible.

“I just wish there was more time.”

From the moment she walked into his graduation, to the moment he walked out of their apartment and she waved goodbye to him, I was a crying mess (PS: I am now). This was easily my absolute favorite scene of the episode. Easily.

x11Cut to Eli, upset over the phone call he had just received from Diane, declining to run for SA, at Alicia’s dining room table and her joining him. After moments of him staring at her, you can practically see the light bulb forming above his head. I know what’s coming. We all know what’s coming.

“Alicia, would you wanna run for State’s Attorney?”


Thus ends this fascinating season with a marvelously written and stunningly acted finale. I may not fully be on board with Alicia in politics just yet, but I trust the writers and if that’s the direction they decide to take her, I am along for the ride. While I am sad that there is now a gaping hole in my life until September, my emotional well-being is more than ready for this break. After all, I am going to need to put myself back together for next season. I hope you all were as happy as I am with this finale and equally as excited for the next leg of Alicia’s journey. Hit the comment box and let me know your thoughts!

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