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‘The Bay’ Chapter 12 Part 3 – Long As I Have My Suit And Tie

Kristos Andrews (Peter) and Lilly Melgar (Janice). Courtesy of LANY Entertainment

#MayBay wouldn’t be complete without a good party! The Bay City residents head over to Jack’s yacht for a campaign fundraiser. Everyone is dressed to the nines but, of course, some of those pretty dresses and suits are hiding ugly secrets.

A Bad Arrangement

Sara is at the party to show support for her father and she’s brought Steve with her. They keep up the appearance of a real couple but Steve obviously makes Sara’s skin crawl with every touch.

“I promise that I won’t tell anyone what you did. One hand washes the other Blondie,” he tells her as he runs a finger down her back. Whatever he is using to blackmail her with must be unforgivably bad for her to go along with this charade.

A Game of Matchmaker

Marly tells Manny that Peter and Janice are sleeping together. Manny thinks it’s just a fling. Janice is just trying out the cougar thing and Peter just wants to be with a MILF. Marly just wants Janice away from her little brother.

At the party, Peter and Janice have an awkward moment when Jack and Sofia make some small talk. Sofia says her daughter Riley is moving to Bay City to attend BCU and she wants to set her up with Peter. “You are the perfect age!” she exclaims. “Wow isn’t that nice? A girlfriend,” Janice responses uncomfortably.

Peter isn’t the only one Sofia wants to pair up either. She thinks Janice would be perfect for Kenneth, who seemed to have his eye on Janice earlier. While Sofia is unsuspecting, Jack might be onto the real lovebirds though.

Later when Janice and Peter are alone, she rejects him. She thinks he is too young and doesn’t understand his feelings. “This isn’t going to work. You’re not suppose to want this right now.” Janice doesn’t want Peter to miss out on youth because of her but I also suspect she doesn’t want to get hurt either.

Peter is sure of his feelings for Janice though. He has fallen hard for her and tells Marly to stay out of their way.

And Justice for All

At the bar, John tells Elliot that Steve is responsible for the murder of Elliot’s daughter Isabella. He also think Steve is responsible for his son Damien being in the hospital. Jack is keeping Steve out of jail and he wants Elliot to help him get justice.

Elliot believes that Brian Nelson, who is currently in jail for the crime, is responsible. It gives him some tiny bit of solace knowing that the person responsible for Isabella’s death is behind bars. He doesn’t want to go after Steve and leaves. John seek justice himself.

The episode ends with a foreboding confession and some major trouble for Zoey when someone from The Bay‘s past returns.

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