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General Hospital Preview: June 23 Edition

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This week on General Hospital, Nina continues to cause tension for Silas and Sam. Also: Franco becomes jealous of Carly and Sonny’s relationship; Nathan accuses Levi of wrongdoing; details about Patrick and Sabrina’s car crash are discovered. Get the latest GH scoop in our General Hospital preview for the week of June 23, 2014.

General Hospital Preview: Nina is out for revenge

Nina reveals her true colors and her real motive – revenge! After seeds of doubt have been planted, Silas and Sam’s romantic date turns awkward when he admits that he feels uncomfortable that Sam still wears her wedding ring. The evening doesn’t get any better when Silas leaves to help Nina after an emergency phone call.

Later Sam confides in both Patrick and Alexis that she has vague misgivings regarding Nina. An unsuspecting Silas lets an apprehensive Nina know that he has a surprise to help her walk again.

Sam focuses her attention on helping Patrick get to the bottom of who caused the car crash. After Sam and Patrick visit a car mechanic (played by Duncan Hursley, the grandson of GH’s creators Frank and Doris Hursley), Sam is staggered by a shocking discovery about the accident.

Also This Week

  • Lulu is by Maxie’s side after the custody verdict.
  • Maxie is angry when Nathan suspects Levi.
  • Ava invites someone to Port Charles.
  • Obrecht has a random proposition for Franco.
  • Alexis gives Molly a very personal letter regarding Ric.
  • Michael, Morgan and Kiki begin to fix up and restore the Brownstone but someone gets in the way.
  • Franco threatens Sonny.
  • Spencer enlists Uncle Sonny’s help with his romantic struggles.

Source Sneak Peek: June 30 Edition

Sam and Patrick discover the owner of the car that allegedly caused the accident. Ned and Alexis discuss whether or not Tracy and Luke might be in cahoots. Maxie and Nathan share a tender moment.

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