General Hospital Preview: June 30 Edition

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This week on General Hospital, Sam and Patrick learn the identity of the driver allegedly responsible for the hit and run accident; Sonny is caught off guard as Ava begins her next plan of attack; Tracy may be exposed. Get the latest GH scoop in our General Hospital preview for the week of June 30, 2014.

General Hospital Preview: All in a Day’s Work

  • Maxie and Levi clash with Morgan and Kiki over ELQ’s brownstone project. Nathan arrives on the scene gives Maxie and Levi a choice — leave or be arrested.
  • Fueled by jealousy, Franco intends to expose Sonny’s deception and murder of AJ to Michael. Will Carly stop him in time?
  • Ava’s mother, Delia, comes to Port Charles at the behest of her daughter. How will Sonny react to his unwelcomed house guest?
  • Nina turns up her manipulation of Silas. Will he catch on to what she’s doing?
  • Sam and Patrick discover the owner of the car that allegedly caused the accident that lead to his son’s death. As more pieces of the puzzle come together, will Sam be forced to turn in someone she really cares for? Or is someone else really behind the accident?
  • Someone catches Tracy up to no good. Ned and Alexis discuss Tracy’s true motives.
  • Will sparks fly between Nathan and Maxie?
  • Rafe is ready to come clean to Molly but before he can, they find themselves in danger.
  • Britt sets her plan to win Nikolas back into motion.
  • An encore episode of General Hospital will air on Friday, July 4, 2014. Episode #13043 (original air date 4/24/14) — Anna and Nathan assess the aftermath of Sabrina and Patrick’s car crash; Franco fills Carly in on Carlos’ admission; Ava begs Sonny not to admit his guilt.

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Nina sets her sights on a new target. A misunderstanding puts Nathan and Maxie at odds. Ava and Delia conspire against Sonny. Patrick faces an ethical dilemma.