Red Carpet Interview: Guy Wilson – 2014 Daytime Emmy Awards

Guy Wilson
Actor Guy Wilson attends The 41st Annual Daytime Emmy Awards at The Beverly Hilton Hotel on June 22, 2014 in Beverly Hills, California. Photo Credit: Jason Kempin/Getty Images

From the red carpet at the 2014 Daytime Emmy Awards – Interview with Days of our Lives star Guy Wilson.
TVSource Magazine’s West Coast Editor, William Dallman, attended the 41th Annual Daytime Emmy Awards at the Beverly Hilton in Beverly Hills, CA. Days of our Lives star Guy Wilson (Will) spoke with TVSource Magazine about the pressure he felt stepping into a role previously played by someone else, what he hoped to bring to the table, challenging scenes and previews what’s to come for Will Horton this summer.

TVSource Magazine: What went through your head when you started filming? Did you feel any pressure after taking over the role?
Guy Wilson: I felt a sense of responsibility as my predecessor, Chandler Massey, did an amazing, commendable job creating a fully fleshed out character and being a part of a very important storyline. My goal was to honor that and step into that story.

TVSource Magazine: How did you approach that?
Guy Wilson: I allowed myself to be fearless to make it my own role, in terms of not compromising my acting style. I think that the fact that the producers and writers felt comfortable hiring me was a sign that I should do what felt [was] right in my gut.

TVSource Magazine: Have you experienced any challenges with the stories you’ve been given? You had a lot thrown at you during your first couple of months on the show.
Guy Wilson: The scene that recently aired with the false confession, and then with Gabi was challenging on multiple levels. Not just because of the nature of the scene and what it meant to the character, but being a part of Camila Banus’ last scenes on the show. It was very emotional, as my first scenes on the show were with her and she was so supportive of me. It was emotionally challenging to keep it together and properly serve the drama in those scenes and I am very happy with the way it turned out. Also, the wedding scene was challenging in the way that it just meant so much to me to do those scenes and [give that] story the proper service that it serves. Again, I am very happy and proud of how it came out.

TVSource Magazine: Did you feel any added pressure for those scenes? Not just with the importance of the Will/Sonny relationship to the fans, but because of gay marriage being such a front burner issue?
Guy Wilson: Marriage equality is something that I have always believed very, very passionately in. I felt more than just a sense of responsibility to play something not just that I believe in, but something that many, many people need to see and hopefully recognize that it is okay to see something like that and to go into a union like that. That is what I wanted to honor in that scene.

TVSource Magazine: What, if anything, can you tell us is coming up for Will this summer?
Guy Wilson: There are some very exciting and interesting turns coming for Will. And that in turn, will lead to some very dark, daunting things for Will and Sonny. I cannot really give [too much] away, but I will say that the writers have done a great job of setting up some very fun scenes for me to take part in.

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  1. It’s strange though isn’t it, that Will & Sonny has turned out to be only and always about Guy Wilson. He really pushes himself into the foreground all the time. Chandler and Freddie are far too classy and humble to do that.

  2. I look forward to when people stop asking him how he felt about taking over the role. That question has been asked and answered ad nauseam.

  3. I wish I could have liked WilSon when the other Will was playing the part “dislike” Guy playing Will because he seems so old for Sonny.

  4. Great interview. I am looking forward to seeing what is ahead for the WilSon story as a couple and the characters of Will and Sonny. I hope that they both get a fair amount of screentime and interesting story. I just hope the writers do not compromise the relationship of Will and Sonny by resorting to infidelity. There are other ways to create drama and angst than cheating. In the end I hope the marriage and relationship survive intact.

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