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General Hospital Preview: June 9 Edition

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This week on General Hospital, Ric’s arrest hasn’t quieted the war between the Corinthos and Jerome factions. Also: Sam investigates Patrick and Sabrina’s accident; Morgan confides in Michael; Silas is haunted by the truth he must share with Nina. Get the latest GH scoop in our General Hospital preview for the week of June 9, 2014.

General Hospital Preview: Ric Declares His Innocence

The mob war between the Jerome and Corinthos organization intensifies when someone involved in their conflict is shot! Ric’s arrest hasn’t tempered tensions between the factions, as Luke continues to ratchet the pressure on Julian to do his bidding. Julian questions his loyalty, but Luke’s threats against his family keeps him in line for the time being.

Meanwhile, Ric continues to declare his innocence in spite of the growing evidence against him. Elizabeth’s lack of support stings Ric deeply, but Molly’s belief in his innocence eases some of what he’s going through. Julian’s guilt over Ric eats at him, especially as it further puts Molly and Alexis at odds over one another. When Sonny pays Ric a visit in jail, Ric tries to convince his brother of his innocence. When Sonny shares his thoughts over Ric’s guilt with Anna, she begins to wonder if the evidence against him is a little too perfect. By the end of the week, the shooting will cause all hell to break loose in town and Anna plots another way to bring down the mob in her city.

Also This Week

  • Sam drops a bombshell on Nathan about Nina.
  • Morgan confides in Michael about his situation with Sonny, Ava and the baby.
  • Duke and Anna clash over his mob ties.
  • Sam offers to investigate Patrick and Sabrina’s accident.
  • Silas has a big decision to make regarding Nina. Will he tell her the truth about his relationship with Sam?
  • Maxie and Levi have a major disagreement.
  • TJ catches Rafe doing something he shouldn’t. Will he expose his rival?
  • An awkward moment arises between Brad, Lucas and Felix.
  • Britt is pressed over Nikolas’ loyalty and devotion to Elizabeth. Will she resort to her old ways to get what she wants?

Source Sneak Peek: June 16 Edition

Silas wonders if Sam is really over Jason. What is Nina’s true agenda? Anna issues a warning to Sonny and Alexis.

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