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General Hospital Preview: July 14 Edition

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This week on General Hospital, Nina meets her spirit animal in Franco; Sonny issues a threat; Maxie throws out Nathan; Britt and Spencer scheme against Elizabeth; Nina plots to end Sam and Silas’ relationship. Get the latest GH scoop in our General Hospital preview for the week of July 14, 2014.

General Hospital Preview: Arming Your Enemy (Knowledge is Power)
It’s not nice to taunt the dead! Nina learns that lesson this week after she’s spooked by a vision of Rafe, and is saved by Franco. Franco and Nina find themselves contending with similar foes — Franco with Sonny over Carly, and Nina with Sam as it relates to Silas.

Sonny and Franco clash over Franco’s foiled attempt at revealing the AJ secret to Michael. Sonny issues a not-so-veiled threat, only infuriating Franco more. Meanwhile, Nina ponders coming clean to Silas given the recent string of events…that is until she overhears something that could be used to her advantage. Nina puts her plan in motion to help break up Silas and Sam. How far is too far for a woman fueled by hatred?

Maxie Has a Bright Idea…
A furious Maxie lays into Nathan for calling immigration on Levi. Nathan denies her allegations and suggests maybe Mac called the officials. Maxie confronts her father, who, while giddy at the thought of Levi getting deported, also proclaims his innocence. As evidence continues to point to Nathan as the culprit, it drives a wedge between him and Maxie, much to Levi’s delight. After Maxie kicks out Nathan, Levi reveals he might be forced to leave town. By week’s end, Maxie comes up with a solution that’ll keep Levi in the country for good, and definitely piss off her family.

Also This Week
Tracy taunts Michael with the fact that Kiki and Morgan are growing closer.

Lucas opens up to Julian about his complicated love life, and later runs into Brad and Felix.

Anna tries to convince Patrick to give Robin another chance. Will he?

The Quartermaines are hopeful that a transplant will cure Alice, but Obrecht has other plans.

Elizabeth is taken aback when she finds Nikolas and Britt together at Spencer’s camp. Spencer comes up with a new plan of attack to ensure his father ends up with Britt but Nikolas may be onto him.

Anna faces pressure to clean up Port Charles’ violent drug trade.

Source Sneak Peek: July 21, 2014 Edition
With nowhere else to turn, Ava reaches out to Julian for help with her Sonny. Sam leans on Patrick in light of her relationship issues with Silas.

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